One Trillion Stories for Kids – Mind Mapping

I am always on the look out for useful tools to help with parenting. As a family that loves stories, both telling and listening to them, I thought that this book might be something we could try. It’s a very interesting concept. This is a guest post from the author, Nic Andela, explaining a little more about it. OTS 

One Trillion Stories for Kids gives you a treasure chest of practical mental thinking techniques using an innovative Mind Mapping Story Telling Template that will teach you and your children greater memory capacity, learning through visual association and improving creativity that you can apply to everyday living, including a limitless source of made up stories for kids. Mind Maps are the launch pad into this century’s new thinking revolution.

“Innovative thinking for the 21st Century for Parents and your Kids, through Mind Mapping”

Mind Mapping skills allow people to recall information in the form of visual images, which are far easier to remember than traditional written down text. Our brains have an extraordinary capacity to recall imprinted images, essentially perfectly. This is the power of Mind Mapping and ordering any number of related ideas visually within an easy to recall structure. Mind Maps were first used by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and are used currently by some of the largest corporations on the planet like Boeing for planning and strategising.  

The visual inputs are stored in the brain to higher neural quality so that the association link remains sound ready for memory recall and makes for better thinking, creativity and lateral thinking. Learning Mind Mapping will go along way helping you and your kids achieve this.

The book show’s readers a simple Story Telling Mind Mapping Template in order to help you understand basic Mind Map construction and in this case the Template is structured as the stages of a ‘running race’ for easy understanding.

The purpose of the Template is to allow you to develop the “ultimate source” of Made Up Stories for your kids for story time with the idea of parents teaching them Mind Mapping early on in life before school and college begins. You will be able to invent your own Templates and store them deep within your brains, to use at a moments notice depending on the mental tasks you are about to undertake”

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