A family holiday with a difference – Home Exchange

Going on holiday and finding somewhere to stay can be challenging and sometimes expensive, especially when you are travelling with children. We’ve done it, and whilst we have managed and enjoyed it, I have often wondered if there was another way that was a bit more family friendly. Hotels can be fine, but aren’t always conducive to small children and their needs. 

I would never have thought to try something like Home Exchange

Home exchange logoHome exchange logoIt’s a really clever idea, that can save you money, time, effort and make your holiday more relaxing, which is really what you want, or at least we certainly do. You swap your home, to stay in someone else’s. It’s really that simple. You get to stay in a home from home environment, in an area you want to visit, and 

It’s easy. You sign up. You list your own home, you look for where you want to stay and send and receive inquiries and then you arrange your exchange. It’s really that simple, and frankly, it’s a brilliant idea. You can match your needs with choices that work for you, for us it would be finding  home with children of a similar age, so that we feel comfortable and relaxed, in a home from home environment, and you can connect with your host home and get information about what’s good locally, where to go, what to visit and do, places to see and even make new friends. What more could you want?

When you sign up, you can:

Save an average 58% per year on travel

There are no hidden fees, you pay once, and then exchange as many times as you like within your year’s subscription

You are guaranteed exchange in your first year

 You can Contact 65,000+ members in 150+ countries

 and you get  24/7 Member Support 



I know for us, making a family holiday less costly and more relaxing is something we find important. This is a brilliant way of helping with that. Why not try it?

*this is a collaborative post*

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