Wrap your lunch differently and a giveaway…

I pack a lot of lunches in my house. Every day, we have a lunch box for each child, one for the Husband, and I try to include myself as well, to make sure I get lunch, rather than buying. 

We generally use tinfoil or clingwrap, to wrap sandwiches or other items to put in lunchboxes or work bags. I think most people do. I had never really thought about the waste, impact on the environment or costs, I just merrily grab the cling wrap or foil and go ahead with lunch prep, or if we have run out of those I grab a Tupperware from the cupboard. This works, sort of but they do take up more space in my bag and the children’s lunchboxes than is convenient…

Enter the Wrapper from Re Wrap It. A clever, colorful, reusable wrap to keep your sandwiches fresh, and wrapped up, without using cling film or tin foil. 


“The Wrapper not only keeps your sandwich or food fresh inside, but it also unfolds into a plate. Ideal for keeping your desk clean or if you are eating outside. No more worrying about toddlers eating food from the floor or dirty picnic tables.

School packed lunches are traditionally wrapped up in cling film, tin foil or plastic bags. This ends up in the bin and land fill sites – what could be better than a Reusable Sandwich Wrapper.

No more wrapping up sandwiches or snacks then throwing the packaging away. The Wrapper can be used day after day with just a wipe down of the plastic food side and an occasional rinse in the sink to get rid of any spill marks on the outside – all sealed up with a Velcro strip to keep it fresh…..INGENIOUS!!!!”

They really are clever and handy, and they work. We have been using ours for a couple of weeks and it really does keep our sandwiches fresh, and you can simply open the wrap and use it as a mat/napkin/plate to eat, which I find very handy as I tend to eat on the go a lot, and it’s great for picnics too. They are easy to clean, wipe them and you are good to go. 


I think I also like the story behind how the wraps came to be, and that it’s creator Shona has got inmates from Kilmarnock prison involved in the manufacturing process, providing them with skills and contributing towards part of their rehabilitation. This means they are made locally, and in Scotland too (and I am half Scottish, so I approve of this)

If you live a busy life where you take lunch from home, or you make up lunchboxes for your kids or anyone else in your household, these are great. We love them and definitely recommend them. Cost wise, the initial purchase is soon covered in what you aren’t spending on tin foil and cling wrap. 

They are colorful and come in some fabulous patterns and colors, perfect to cheer up your lunchbox or lunchtime, or that snack in the middle of your night shift 😉 You can see how they work here

We like these wraps so much we have two to give away. One wrap per person. To enter, you need to tell us what you like in your sandwiches, or as my Granda, who was from Scotland, would say “my piece for lunch” and then click on the Rafflecopter link to continue to the giveaway. 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Two people will win one wrapper each and will be able to choose one from the site and it will be posted directly to them. 

Terms & Conditions

No cash prize alternative
Two winner will win one wrap each
Winner will be notified via e-mail and will be able to choose their wrap and it will be posted directly to them.
UK entrants only
Ends 1st Nov 2016
Spam entrants will be disqualified

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