Dealing with fungal nail infections…?

Ok, so this is not my usual type of post, nor is it a particularly glamorous one, because the topic is toenails and toenail fungus… I know, I can already see you going “ew” and recoiling because not many people want to talk about their toes or the fact that something might be wrong with them…

Toe nail fungal infections are a nuisance but also very common, and can be hard to deal with and get rid of. It may mean you can’t wear your nice summer sandals because your feet look unsightly, and an infection can spread to other toe nails too. Yuck, frankly.

Nail fungus (medically known as onychomycosis) is the common name for an infection of the nail caused mainly by a class of fungi called dermatophytes. This is the same fungi that are responsible for athlete’s foot. The infection can affect any part of your nail, including your nail plate, bed and root. However, 85% of fungal nail infections occur under the nail plate, on the nail bed. A fungal nail infection is seven times more likely to occur on one of your toenails than on one of your fingernails. They are very infectious and need to be treated properly to clear the infection and prevent it spreading. 

I have fallen victim to this nasty little fungal menace and have had issues on and off with a toenail on my foot for a good few months. It’s been a pain to deal with, and I have struggled to get rid of it. It’s annoyed me and bothered me and I have been worried it would not go away. 

That’s where Canespro comes in…

Stop painting over your fungal nail – treat now

Unique mode of action, clinically proven

Canespro removes the infected parts of the nail in 2-3 weeks

Canespro Ointment softens the infected part of the nail, which can then gradually be removed with the plastic tool provided in the set. This gentle removal usually takes 2 to 3 weeks, and enables you to get to the main root of the infection – as in most cases fungal nail infections occur under the nail plate.

I have tried a few other treatments and so far, this one is the best. It really has worked, and as gruesome as it sounds to talk about bits of your toe nail coming off (don’t worry, no photos, I promise, I wouldn’t do that to you!) it really has started to clear up the problems with my toe and I can see healthy nail and the infected bit has been cleared up. 

It’s very easy to use, and comes with full instructions and whilst the scraping to remove the nail that is being treated isn’t fun, it’s satisfying to know you are getting rid of nasty nail fungus (what can I say, I was a nurse, these things make me happy!) and it really does seem to work to rid your nails of unsightly and infectious nail fungus. I have been very impressed at how effective it is, at not just clearing the surface but actually getting rid of the nail area that is infected and helping to really clear up the infection. It’s not messy or fiddly or complicated to use, unlike some other treatments. 

Perfect for me, in time for summer. If you are looking for a treatment to get rid of that nasty fungal nail infection once and for all, I would highly recommend it. 

*I was sent a product to try for this review. All opinions are my own*

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