Subscription boxes…What’s all the fuss?

I see a lot of shares on social media about subscription boxes and I know a lot of people use them, and receive them regularly. There seems to be a subscription box out there for almost every corner of life, from make up, to skin care, to stationery, to making your own clothes, jewelry, cooking & baking, kids craft, adult crafts…. the possibilities are endless. 

I kind of feel we are getting a bit over subscribed with subscription boxes and having more stuff pop through our door, and as a person who actually doesn’t like shopping much, I can see how handy they are, but I also feel like they are no long are fun novelty, but just another way of buying stuff. 

However, I do have a few favorites that we have tried and stuck to, and that we like. I have tried and tested a number of boxes from different niches and have come up with one or two that I like and still get excited when they pop through the door or I get the mail telling me they are on their way. 

The tried and tested Toucan Box – My small boy loves this box and the crafts it contains. I love it too, because I am RUBBISH at craft but know how much fun my kids have when they get creative, so the biweekly arrival of the blue box from them generally generates excitement and it keeps him busy for a good few hours and some of the results are now much cherished and displayed proudly.

I currently receive a monthly box from Green Gables which comes full of pretty stationery and other little treats, and usually cheers me up tremendously. 

I love to cook but given how busy we all are, it’s challenging sometimes to come up with interesting new ideas for foods and meals so we have been trying out both Gusto and also freshly ground spices from The Spicery. Both have helped to liven up mealtimes and helped to me experiment more in the kitchen. 

I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes, much, especially with the children in tow (they find trailing after me trying on clothes rather boring, I can’t say I blame them) and I prefer to try on clothes at home, so finding companies that pick clothing for you based on your preferences and needs is pretty handy. There are companies like Fabletics that will send you items of sports wear, which is great if you exercise regularly but don’t have time to go to the sportswear shop to try stuff on and find what you like, and also because I do like trying new skin care, I dip in and out of Love Lula, when I feel like I need to explore new skin care options. 

It’s hard to work out what you may or may not like about subscription boxes and they are often a case of try and see, to find out if they really are worth the fuss. There are a lot out there, some good, some bad. It really depends on what you want to pop through your letterbox…

Are you a subscription box lover? Are there any you would highly recommend, or any that you would say “don’t even bother” to. I would love to hear, maybe there’s one out there that I need to add to my regular repertoire?

*this is a collaborative post*


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