Make a memory into a star and naming a star for someone.

Sometimes you need that little extra something special. A gift for someone, or to remember someone you love. It can be hard to find things that are unique but also meaningful, but that also don’t cost the earth.Β So naming a star after Β a special person or someone you loved is a really amazing thing to be able to do, and is something you can know you can treasure, and also it will be around forever.

It could be the perfect gift as a memorial to or for someone. Star Name Registry can do all that for you with ease.

It’s actually incredibly simple to arrange and you can name a star that is visible from the UK and there are various packages you can choose from. We were delighted to be able to choose and name an extra bright star after my mum.

You get a certificate with information about your star, and where it is positioned in the sky and depending on what package you choose, it can be framed.

We were really impressed and delighted and it’s a truly special thing to have as a memory and being able to look up into the sky and know there’s a star that’s special to us. If you really are stuck for a gift this is ideal and it comes beautifully packaged and is a unique gift that can be treasured forever.

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  1. I’d give it to my partner as she loves astronomy but she’d probably name it Lily after her daughter πŸ™‚

  2. My Nan – we always say the brightest star is her so would be good to officially name one.

  3. Thinking about Father’s Day coming up I reckon it would be nice to name a star after my lovely dad. x

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