Getting some volume in my hair with John Frieda Luxurious Volume range

I have had some issues with my hair lately. Due to the hormone treatment I am taking, I have been loosing a lot of hair (a normal side affect, but frustrating) and although I normally wear my hair up (because I work with small children, long hair doesn’t mix well with paint, play dough, kids snacks and generally running around after hoards of toddlers) when I have been wearing it down, it has seemed thinner and to have less volume. I am normally used to having quite thick hair, so this has been a bit of shock to me. 

So, trying out some hair products that help a bit with that was “just what the doctor ordered”, so to speak. 

John Frieda have come up with a range of hair products to help detangle and boost hair volume. I have been a fan of some of their other products for years, so I was hoping for good results from these. They contain a special caffeine formulation to help with hair volume. 

I tried out 7 Day Volume Shampoo, 7 Day Conditioner and Perfectly Full Mousse. 

The shampoo – 

Discover transformational volume every day.

Now with Caffeine Vitality Complex, Luxurious Volume 7-Day Volume Shampoo transforms fine, flat hair with alluring volume and touchable softness.

The conditioner – 

Now with Caffeine Vitality Complex, Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Conditioner detangles and builds fullness while it conditions for naturally soft, touchably full hair.

The mousse – 

Style your way to touchable fullness and lift. Now with Caffeine Vitality Complex, our ultralight Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse adds lasting fullness without a crunchy feel.

I have to say, I am always a little skeptical about hair products claiming to make a difference to hair issues, but I have been impressed with these. The shampoo and conditioner are easy to use, wash and rinse well, and leave my hair feeling smooth, soft and also easier to de tangle. (my hair is long, it can  be a pain to brush and de tangle) and the mousse is light, and applies easily. I don’t normally use a mousse, so was pleasantly surprised by how nice it made my hair feel, and as it says, it doesn’t leave my hair crunchy. I am a child of the 80’s, when hair mousse was the big thing, I remember crunchy hair, I don’t want to relive that. (yes, I am that old!)

It really does seem to help to give my hair the boost it needs right now and when I wear it down, I think it looks less thin and limp. This has helped me to feel a bit better about the state of my hair, and it’s condition, and a bit more confident. The prodcuts are designed to help and really do seem to do their job. I plan to keep using them. They also have other products in their range to help and style hair that needs boost and volume, naturally. It’s great to find something that works, from a brand I trust. Thanks for that, John Frieda! 

*I was sent products to try. Opinions are my own, and information sourced from site*

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