The domestic chore I hate the most…?

I don’t know about you, but I have a small list things around the house that need doing that I loathe. Everyone has a domestic chore they hate, don’t they? They are things that have to be done, in order to keep the house from either smelling/or becoming less than pleasant to live in. In order of least to most loathing with my least favorite last…

cleaning the toilet. I have male toilet users in my house. Need I say more?

cleaning the cat litter. I have an elderly cat with slightly dodgy bowels, let’s not say any more about that either…

emptying the dustbins. I hate it, for no logical reason. I leave it to the husband to do, if I can.

emptying the hoover bag or container. I have a thing about hair and fluff and just thinking about emptying the bag or cleaning the hoover head makes me feel queasy.

and cleaning drains and plug holes, this is MY WORST chore. 

Unfortunately, we live in a house with what we affectionately call an “ancient plumbing system” that will cost a lot of money to replace one day and some of the pipes are drains are as old as me (and no, I am not going to tell you how old I am) and so sometimes the plugholes can get blocked or become clogged. Our bath drain particularly is temperamental, and because we have a cat that likes to sleep in the bath (I have no idea why! She is weird!) but she sheds a lot of fur in there and the tweenager and I both have long hair that sheds when we wash it, and we also use a lot of skin products for ezcema that are oil based, the bath drain and plughole gets clogged very easily.

I have to clean it out, regularly and it is  DISGUSTING job. I am gagging just thinking about the task. Hair, clumps of fur, and all sorts of other delights need to be removed or broken up so the bath can empty properly. It really isn’t pleasant but it has to be done. Even thinking about poking about to remove whatever is clogging the plug hole makes my stomach churn… I also don’t want to think about what bacteria and germs might be lurking in there, I don’t think people think about that but it would surprise you to know that plug holes can be a really good breeding ground for them, not what you want in the place where you are supposed to be getting clean, really!

So, if I can find something that will make the task fast, efficient and simple, then I will grab it with both hands and use it.

Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker  Apparently is my new best friend.

It says it can:

Dissolves hair and soap scum

Stops slow draining water

For showers, baths and basins

And I put it to the test. 

This video is our bath after a week or two of normal use, draining, and I am pretty sure the plughole and drain are a bit clogged. You can see how slow it is. I am not sure i even want to look that closely to see whats lurking in there.

I then used the Buster Bathroom Plughole unblocker, which is very reasonably priced at £3.40 (RRP) and followed the instructions to the letter, putting the solution in the plughole, and leaving it overnight and rinsing with hot water the next day. 

Show me what you can do then, Buster…

I then ran a bath and you can see from this video that it is emptying far faster and more efficiently and the plughole looks and smells clean to me.

It was very easy to use and the instructions are clear and simple to follow. I have to say I am pretty impressed at how efficient it is and how well it worked.

I can’t say I love unclogging plugholes any more than I did before, but at least I have found something that makes the job easier and less unpleasant and if it means I have to spend less time poking the plughole to see what’s lurking there, then that isn’t a bad thing at all in my book. It is also recommended for regular use, to keep plugholes fresh and free from blockages, so it will be something I will be keeping to hand in the bathroom cleaning supply box.

Now if someone could solve cleaning the cat litter and emptying the hoover bag for me, I would never complain about domestic tasks I hate, ever again… (maybe!)

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