How to Sell Your House with Pets

*This is a collaborative post sharing some helpful tips on how to sell your house with pets*

How to Sell Your House with Pets

The process of selling your home seems bad enough. Not only do you have to search for the perfect real estate agent who can help you through the process seamlessly, but you also have to pack up and move during the entire process. If you have any pets, the entire debacle becomes exponentially more difficult, especially if you have quite a few fur babies who have been inhabiting the house for several years. Not to worry, though; if you’re smart about how you go about selling your house with pets, you shouldn’t have an issue.

Here are a few of my top suggestions for how to sell your house with pets.

Talk to your real estate agent

It can be very difficult to accept the fact that our pets, well, can be a red flag to house hunters. Top real estate agents can see past the cuteness and make realistic suggestions based on what they see. They understand the process and can help make sure that you sell your house just as quickly as any non-pet owner.

Schedule a deep cleaning

Chances are that if you’re selling your house, you’ll already be calling in the professionals to wipe away years of germs, stains, dust, and whatever else is tainting the appearance of your home. Call a company who specializes in pet stain cleaning, as stains caused by pet accidents often require special treatment. Don’t hesitate to do some deep cleaning on your own, especially in areas where your pet inhabited. When it comes to selling your home with pets, the more clean, the better.

Remove the evidence during showings

How to Sell Your House with Pets

While your pets may be the light of your life, they often scream “mess” to people who are searching for their forever home. If you’re showing your house while still living there, this part is for you. It might not always be possible to totally remove every spec of evidence that shows you own a pet, but it is easy to remove the larger, more deterring pieces including hair, pet beds, litter boxes, crates, and food bowls. If possible, store these items somewhere that isn’t in the house you’re showing since potential buyers will likely want to see every part of the house, including storage space.

Remove your pet from the chaos

How to Sell Your House with Pets

This bit is more to benefit your pets than the selling process. Animals can be very sensitive to chaos, and moving is far from calming. If a friend or relative can take them in for a week or two while you show the house and pack up, go that route. Not only will it prevent your furry friend from feeling overwhelmed, but it will also aid in the selling process altogether. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The best advice that I can shell out when it comes to selling your house with pets is to plan everything out to the best of your abilities. Pets can come with a cost, so it’s best to address any issues upfront rather than hoping for the best, especially when it comes to selling your house. I hope this post on how to sell your house with pets was both helpful to both too and your pets!

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