Daily Snippet – #mumlifeglamlife 30/01/18

I think it’s fair to say that motherhood is a rollercoaster. Lots of highs and lots of lows, and sometimes you just coast along enjoying the view.

I think it’s also fair to say that most mothers love their kids with every thing that is in them, but sometimes they don’t like them.

Let me translate that…

I adore my kids, I would jump in front of traffic to save them, I would give them a kidney if they needed it. I go into their rooms at night and look at them in wonder when they are sleeping. I am proud of them, they are amazing. But some days they drive me utterly nuts and I can’t wait until they go to bed and leave me alone.

We’ve had a less than stellar day. Smallest child didn’t go to bed on time last night (not for want of trying on our part) and was over tired and cranky today. His melatonin prescription arrived today. If I said that I danced around the kitchen when I got the e mail to collect it, I wouldn’t be lying, let’s hope bedtime improves, my sanity can’t take much more.

Biggest child hurt her knee yesterday and today couldn’t put any weight on it, and it was very swollen. Suffice to say it’s a mystery how she hurt it and the verdict is rest and let it heal but a trip to hospital for an x ray and three hours sat surrounded by various families with children who all seemed to be either about to vomit, unable to stop vomiting or trying to figure out why they were vomiting, when I have anxiety issues around stomach bugs and being sick, was shall we say, a little trying on my nerves and we may have used a whole bottle of hand cleaning gel whilst we were there. (just a mini one, I promise)

Today we’ve had whining, we’ve had strops, we’ve had meltdowns, we’ve had back chat.

They are both tired. I am tired. They have less capability for emotional control and whilst their whining and annoying behaviour is enough to drive me insane, I do get why they are this way today.

But, I’m still glad that despite their protests and angry mutterings (because apparently being sent to bed a bit earlier is THE most offensive thing, despite them being self admittedly tired) they are in bed. The biggest is medicated with pain relief, and comfortable with her knee propped up. The smallest has had its melatonin, a bed time story and cuddles and they are both asleep.

I love them, but I am glad! I’m done for today…

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    • Lol, it’s so normal to feel that way. Mother hood is totally all encompassing and we need space too!

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