Beautiful window boxes with Bay and Box

I am not a big gardener, I struggle to find the time to concentrate on anything more than the basics of keeping our garden looking clean and tidy, although I do love being in the garden. I do however, love window boxes and find those easy to look after and maintain, and to me there is nothing nicer than walking past a house that has pretty window boxes. We are currently mid a bit of a garden revamp, so despite the spring coming, I can’t do much to our front garden, to make it look lovely, but I do have wide enough front windows to put some window boxes on, to plant some spring bulbs in. 

My children had a project in mind, for Mother’s Day, to plant some lovely bulbs for me but rather dramatically we had some winter weather sprung upon us, so spring was slightly postponed and they couldn’t carry out their plans. The snow has gone, thankfully, now, so we have been able to start out project. 

Planting window boxes is a pretty easy and fun task, because there is no weeding or prep to be done and you can fill your boxes with plants and flowers you want to display and enjoy. 

Bay and Box make some really stylish and practical window boxes and they are perfect for making a window area both inside and outside your home look beautiful and for us, just in time for spring.  They are well made, solid and look really lovely on bay windows and window sills. Some window boxes always strike me as flimsy and flyaway but these are worth budgeting for and will last a long time, enhancing your windows and even if you don’t have a garden you can create a mini garden with some nice plants and a window box or two.


We have had some fun choosing what plants we wanted to plant in our boxes and getting the soil into the boxes and we have got them all planted and next week the painter is coming to paint our windowsills. He was meant to come last week, yet another fail of the weather. 

They are going to look so lovely when they are full of blooms and we are waiting not so patiently and hoping the weather cooperates. They may not be fully ready for Mother’s Day, but they are at least planted out and will look stunning once our windows are painted too. 

Bay and Box have a delightful range of boxes and containers to choose from and you can even opt for them to contain artificial plants, if you are really not green fingered but still want a box full of beautiful looking blooms. They make a lovely addition to a garden or windowsill and a perfect gift for someone who likes stylish garden things. 

You can’t really go wrong with a pretty window box, I don’t think… come back in a few weeks and see how ours are doing?

*this is a collaborative post*
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