Not just a pink bag… a fab spy kit with Project MC2

*this is a review post, we were kindly sent some items to share about. All opinions are our own*

We (the tween) are big fans of Project MC2, the fun and also educational TV series, which helps to make science and maths cool for girls, and as a Mum who wants her daughter to enjoy science and maths, I am a big fan of anything that makes that fun and appealing.

They have some great products and kits that are fun to play with but that are also educational, and the tween has thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with the Ultimate Spy Bag Kit and using it’s contents to experiment and learn some new science tricks. 

The tween says:

I love the MC2 programmes because it is about girls who are good at science, maths and being in power. I also enjoy seeing the cast use all their props and equipment to capture the bad guys and solve mysteries. I’m also very fond of adventure, spy and action movies.

I love the MC2 spy kits – especially the lab kit – as it is exactly like the super, super cool equipment and props on the show. The lab kit includes: Adrienne Atoms top secret spy instructions, 2X test tubes, 2X measuring beakers, mirror/magnify glass, nail varnish light, fingerprint dust/blusher, fingerprint record sheets, secret code/note launcher. The kit also includes a super awesome pink handbag to store all your cool kit in.

I use my lab kit most days; to send secret notes to my brother, take fingerprints to find the chocolate thief, shine the light on mysteries around the house and magnify the evidence to find the culprit.

I personally think I would make a great MC2 spy as I am great at maths, pretty good at science and love being in power; using the super awesome kit everyday spies use would probably be my favourite thing of all, (if I was a spy.)

 Anyone who is reading this – make sure you at least watch the show (on Netflix or YouTube) but if you really like the show then you should will love the kits you can get to make the fun and experiments happen for you, in your own home. I am trying to collect them all, my mum says I need to work hard to save my allowance for them, but sometimes she treats me to a new kit too, I think she likes to play with them too…. 😉

As you can see she is most definitely a bit of a fan, and really does love the programmes and kit.

They make a great gift and they have a range of items that are within pocket money budget reach too, so they are a fab product to make science and math that bit more fun. The tween and mum approve, together, that’s a rare thing these days so that means we can say we recommend them.

And no, I don’t play with them when she isn’t around, honestly!!



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