It takes a week…

We have been on holiday for a week. It has been a nice week. Slower than the usual pace of life in busy, non stop, never switch off London. 

We have one more week. The weather is hot, where we are staying is peaceful and calm, and so quiet, and very relaxing. The views are glorious, and I happen to love food shopping and cooking whilst we are in France, so I am slowly winding down. The gite (where we are staying) is owned by a lovely English couple who are very happy to have kids around, and it’s all good. 

It’s taken a week though, for us to settle in and into any semblance of routine.

Our small boy doesn’t do change very easily, and as much as he loves it here, he struggles to adapt, even when we are more relaxed and it’s taken him a week to be calm and manage. Bedtimes have been hard, nighttime have been on and off hard (some good night’s of sleep, and some not so good!) 

We have eaten some good food (I am going to need to go on a serious diet when I get back to London, let’s just say I don’t eat much cheese or bread at home, and I am making up for that whilst I am here) we have explored some markets, visited some local spots, swam a lot in the local lake. 

A week has passed fast. Thankfully we have almost a week left. It’s very hot, we are most certainly getting more than our usual vitamin D doses, to stock us up for our return to London. 

So, we plan to enjoy the rest of our last week. Soak up some more sun, eat more cheese, and hopefully get some more sleep.

Today we are off to climb the local famous volcano and admire the views from the top…

It takes a week, but we are getting there….


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