Replacing doors and windows before winter hits…

Summer is almost over. I say that because I am hoping for a few more weeks of warm and sunshine, as the children go back to school and the summer holiday ends, before we start to feel autumn arrives and we have to accept that winter is on it’s way.  

Winter means cold and wet, with frost, wind, maybe even some snow, thrown in for good measure and I don’t know about you but I find winter quite hard to face, unless I know I am going to be able to keep warm and cosy. 

Something to think about, before winter weather really starts to hit, and you have some time to plan, is making sure your house is really weather proof and can keep in the heat. 

Your windows may be a part of your house that could be failing you, and letting heat out and not keeping the cold from coming in. This means your home is colder, and damper, your heating is on more, and it’s also not very good for the environment either, in these times when thinking green is optimal, having new windows and doors that mean you are using less energy is something many people make a priority. 

Your windows and frames may have never been replaced, or it may have been a long time since they were, and if they are old, you may have drafts and cold air coming in, and they may be letting heat out. This is bad for your wallet as well as your home. If your windows and frames aren’t doing a good job of keeping your home warm, in winter, your utility bills may be increasing too. 

You may not have worried about it over the summer, when it was lovely and warm, but now the colder nights are creeping in, you may be, like us, thinking it might be time to start planning to replace those older windows to help improve the warmth and comfort of your house, but also how it looks. Start doing your research and look at what your options are. Replacement windows Northampton may be a good place to start, to give you some ideas and help you to work out costs and timeframes for getting your windows and possibly your doors replaced. 

It’s not only the practical side of how well your current windows are working that you need to think about. Your windows and doors may not be looking as good as they once did, and if they are looking tatty and old, or just very old fashioned, it is definitely worth considering replacing them, to improve the look of your house, and also to help increase it’s possible value if you are considering selling it, or just having it re-valued for financial purposes. Improving the cosmetic look of your home can help make it look more appealing to potential buyers. 

Old and worn windows and doors can also be a security risk, and can make your house more vulnerable to burglaries and break ins. New windows with good locks and no easy access to break in, can help protect your home and also may even help with your insurance costs too. 

it can take a bit of planning, and it will mean old windows and doors have to come out, but when you have done your research, chosen the windows and doors that suit your house and your budget, and are going to keep your house warm, secure, with less of an environmental impact, and also looking good, and you have had them installed, you will feel the difference and it will be worth the effort and the money will be well spent. 

So, like us, looking at our older windows and doors, it may be time for you to think about replacing yours, before the winter weather hits, and you need to wait until next year, and face another cold winter instead. 

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