Our week in photos – Sept 8th -14th 2018

Welcome to our week in photos. We stopped our weekly photo updates a while ago, but then I decided that it would be nice to bring them back, mainly as a sort of memory recording for me, but also to show grandparents and family who don’t see everything or who aren’t on other social media with us, what we have been up to. 

It has been a busy week, we are all settling into school routines and life, and getting back to normal after the school holidays.  This week we have had Peacock feather collages, celebrating Roald Dahl’s birthday with a favourite story, tweens who have commandeered Mum’s precious MacBook to do their homework and signs of autumn coming with a conker and acorn collecting happening and piles of nature things accumulating in my handbag, and around the house.

We have also had cookie making (the recipe is here) I have been baking bread partly to eat and partly because I find baking therapeutic and husbands happy with coffee deliveries, and I found out this week that there’s a Vietnamese food stall near where I work and I am now going to be spending all my lunch money there every week…We have also had the usual cat’s in charge of life scenarios, with Layla in the front line for photo opportunities and we had Daisy the Dog come for an evening of dog sitting. We are thinking about getting a dog so any dog practice is good for us to see what it’s like. 

This week coming we have the tween going off on a school trip, already, the boy and are I are off to a blog event later this week, and I am finally getting to grips with Pinterest (shameless plug, please follow me there, and any tips on how to make it work, are most appreciated. 

So that’s our week in photos . How’s yours been? 

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