Our week in photos – 30/09/10 – 06/10/18

So we stopped our weekly photo updates a while ago, but then I decided that it would be nice to bring them back, mainly as a sort of memory recording for me, but also to show grandparents and family who don’t see everything or who aren’t on other social media with us, what we have been up to.

This week we have had mince pies (yes, I know it is only October and we are not allowed to mention the C word for a bit longer, but I do like a mince pie, so I caved and it was worth it)

We have also had strange green tea (I do drink something other than coffee and do like a coconut matcha tea every now and then!) and I may also have comfort eaten some macaroni cheese this week too and some minty chocolate brownies. The diet starts on Monday, I promise.

The tween and I have been enjoying watching old episodes of Ken Hom cooking. My mum and I used to enjoy watching these when I was young, so it’s fun to watch them with my own kids. The comments about fashion, and how old everything looks, I tend to try and ignore. I am not OLD, even if my kids keep telling me I am!

We have also had some stunning sunsets, maths triumphs (she came top in her class, and top of her year for a maths test) and ballet exam certificates (passed with distinction if you please!) and if you hop to our Facebook page we have a bonkers for conkers guess how many conkers we actually have collected so far this autumn going on…

That was our week. How was yours?

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