Plant Powered Tribe – helping you take your plant based meal planning and cooking to the next level…

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As a mum who cooks for her family, I am always on the look out for for recipes and meal ideas. As someone who meal plans and cooks for two people in my family who are allergic to cows milk, this is pretty challenging. I tend to make a lot of dairy free meals and use a lot of vegan or plant based recipes and products. Sometimes it can be easy to convert a meal to plant based but sometimes it can be harder to either be creative or my resources seem limited. Also, as a busy working mum, for me mealtimes and meal planning needs to be easy, in the week, and minimal fuss and stress. I don’t mind experimenting but sometimes I just want to know I have tasty meals planned that will go down well with my crew, but that are also allergy friendly. 

Plant Powered Tribe may be the answer to help me get creative in the kitchen, making meals that are allergy friendly and plant based. As a vegetarian, myself, this is also handy, because I hate feeling like I am running a cafe, catering to allergies and my food choices too. 

Plant Based Tribe offers a membership course to help you really make the most out of what you can do on a plant based diet. The course includes:

28 new delicious recipes every month for 6 months with a selection of vegan and plant based options.

A private membership space with monthly video tutorials, workbooks, guest experts and live Q & A support.

Meal-prep and meal planning guides to support you on your vegan/plant based journey.

A “Graduation Brunch” with vegan food, paid for by Plant Based Tribe

When you sign up as a VIP member of the Plant Powered Tribe, in addition to your 6 month membership course, you also receive:

A reading list and watch list, containing books, documentaries and films that we recommend to give you a better insight to plant based/vegan eating.

A recommended restaurant guide with places to eat out in your local area.

An A to Z food labelling guide.

A nutrition and self care workshop.

An additional LIVE Q&A call.

A goody bag on completion of your membership course (which you will receive at the graduation brunch!).

If you are struggling to be inspired by what you are cooking and eating, but need or want to eat a plant based diet, then this course may be just what you need to get you either started or help you to work on meal planning, nutrition, sourcing your groceries, and cooking or preparing delicious meals. It’s probably almost as good as having a chef come to your house and do all the shopping, planning, preparation and cooking, if not quite. 

I know for me, plant based eating and cooking can seem a little intimidating, and as I am feeding my family I want to make sure they are not only getting good meals, but healthy meals to that provide all the nutrition they need. A course like this is a really helpful way to learn more and feel more confident in the kitchen, when you are cooking for a vegan or plant based lifestyle. 

You can find out more information here and book a free consultation using code PPT18101 to chat through what help and information your are looking for and to see if the course is right for you. Why not have a look? It may be just what you were looking for to take your cooking and meal planning to the next level. 

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