Our week in photos – 11-24th November

Welcome to our usual weekly photo update, mainly for grandparents to see what we have been up to. Usually an eclectic mix of cats, cake, chaos, and things we love. This post may contain affiliate links, which do earn a little money if you purchase an item recomended by us – we are always up front about this. 

This week and last have been what I call the start of silly season for us, and probably for many other people. Going into December is always a bit crazy and the end of November starts that off. We have had some pretty tough life issues we have been dealing with over the past few months, too, so we are not floating to Christmas in a relaxed manner, like I wish we could. We are very excited to be away for Christmas this year, for a week, house sitting for friends in France. Don’t tell the cats the cat sitter is coming again (although they quite like being looked after, and a week of child free peace)

We have had awards (you can read about that in more detail here) for the tween, who is very proud, as are we. Cats who needed emergency vets visits for stitches and medication and a week of looking after to recover from that. If I said that I am now a pro at getting medication into an annoyed cat, and that I still have my stitch removing skills from when I was a nurse, I wouldn’t be lying. The good news is that Jasper is well on the mend.

We have also had small boys who WILL NOT wear trousers even when it’s freezing cold outside, and I spend an awful lot of my time trying to persuade him otherwise. 

I’m venturing into #veganuary eating entirely vegan for a month, next year so I’m slowly trying to work out alternatives to eggs and cheese that will work for me and trying out new foods. 

I also annoyed my tweenager by wearing my fabulous unicorn leggings in public. She’s my biggest fashion critic and I like to make her roll her eyes at me, occasionally! 

Last but not least, I found Brussel Sprout crisps. We haven’t tried them yet, I’m tempted though. Or have you tried them and don’t think I should bother? 

That was our week. We will be continuing to slide into Christmas crazy, anyone else feel like us? 

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