Project 365 – a photo a day, daily snippets from our life… 09/01/2019

I finally managed to try the most controversial food item this week, or at least it is if you are Piers Morgan and apparently feel violently ill when you are presented with it.

Yup, unless you live under a rock in the UK, you will know that everyone is either loving or hating the fact that Greggs have brought out a vegan sausage roll, well timed with Veganuary. There has been much kerfuffle as they sold out fast and people couldn’t get their hands on them, combined with outrage that vegans might want to eat a non meat “sausage roll”.

Sausage rolls are something I do miss, having given up meat, so I have been quite keen to try one. Our local Greggs has not had any, apparently they keep selling out but a very kind friend sourced me one today and I finally managed to taste it…

So, you ask (of course you do, you want to know!!) how was it?

It was really good. Some vegan products replacing meat based products are really NOT all that, but this was delicious. It basically tasted like a sausage roll, but not greasy. I have no idea why Piers Morgan felt it made him feel ill, but I enjoyed it, and my not so keen on vegan meat substitutes small son, who is highly skeptical (but much cuter than Piers Morgan) tried a bit, then insisted on having a whole one of his own. If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is.

Well done Greggs. Well done.

Have you tried one yet?



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