Cattitude in the post

*This is a review post. We were kindly sent a box to review and share about*

This blog does feature the cats every now and then, they are of course, in the name. So we love to share about things that are cat related too. It’s only fair.

The team from Cattitude recently sent us a rather fun subscritption box, for Layla. She’s our diva cat, and she loves helping me open boxes, so this was a fun thing for her and I to recieve. I love cats, and consider myself a proper mad cat lady, so I love the concept of these boxes.


Pamper your cats and show them how fur-tunate they are while enjoying new ways to parade your crazy cat lady status!

Cool for cats – even cooler for you

Calling all cat ladies – channel your inner Cattitude every single month! It’s time to parade your fierce feline obsession in all its furry glory. Subscribe to Cattitude Box and enjoy unique, premium cat-themed gifts and treats to eat, play with, wear and cherish. It’s like Christmas for you and your cats every single month!

Furget bland cat food and boring cat toys, we source the tastiest treats and most stimulating activities to keep your cats entertained and ensure your crazy cat lady style (there you go, we’ve said it. We know you are crazy about cats and proud!) is clawsome.

We will ship your first box as soon as possible (they do get snapped up pretty quick, we only have limited quantity of boxes available each month)  and you’ll receive your purrfect cat subscription box within 3-5 working days. We’ll ship your future boxes on the 5th day of every month going fur-ward.

These boxes are so much fun and as you can see, Layla was VERY excited and approved very much. In fact I struggled to get to look at the box and it’s contents.

I shared a little instagram IGVT video of the actual contents. I had to banish Layla for a few minutes so I could get some peace to look. You can see that here, to give you an idea of the contents. Some things for Layla, including some fun toys she loves and some food to try, and some pretty and practical things for cat lover me.

It would make a great gift idea for a cat lover, or to cheer up a cat and their human, and it’s a fun monthly box to subscribe to.

As you can see, we approve and we think it’s pawsome.

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