Camp Beaumont – fun for kids, peace of mind for parents.

*This is a partnership post with Camp Beaumont, we were asked to review their camps and share our experience. All words are our own*

As a working mum, during term time, it’s generally not too hard to organise childcare. Between school and after school activities and childminders it’s usually not easy to arrange good care for your kids, and know they are busy and happy.

However in the school holidays it’s a bit trickier. The holidays are meant to be fun, and parents want their kids to be happy, and enjoying themselves, but also need to make sure that everyone’s schedule works out. Also, sometimes, the school holidays can be rather long and finding things for your kids to do, can be a little stressful.

My kids and I have been lucky enough to have a fantastic childminder who has been able to help us in the school holidays, but now they are older, I have been looking at other options.

Kids holiday and activity camps are something I have thought about before, so taking the plunge and sending the kids was a simple step really.

Camp Beaumont  operate kids clubs and summer camps locally to us, and around Surrey and London, and I have heard good things about them. They actually have a facility in a local school near us, which is super handy, transport and drop off wise. We are local to Richmond in South West London. I was impressed at how many camps are available around London and Surrey and what they have to offer for kids.

My kids did a taste tester day, to see how they got on, with a view to us using Camp Beaumont during the longer summer break this year.

It’s very easy to book, and their website is very quick to use and you can find all the options you want for your kids. Because they provide facilities and care from aged 3-4 up to 16, you have the option of booking your kids in together in one place, which is really helpful, rather than having to juggle multiple childcare and activities.

My tween was booked into the Teen Club, which she was quite excited about, and their programme has a wide range of things to keep her busy and happy. She was impressed with what was available for her to choose to do (and if you have a tween, you know that impressing them is not an easy feat)

“Camp Beaumont’s Teen Club is the ultimate exclusive club style holiday and has been a smash hit for 12-16 year olds. Being in the oldest age group means your teens get maximum activity choices, maximum flexibility and of course maximum fun as they get to try everything on  offer.

The coolest experience

The skills learnt at Teen Club are more advanced and the choice in activities caters for everyone’s needs, creative, adventurous or sporty – we’ve got it all covered!
Teens will also have the chance to build lasting relationships and make new friends from other UK schools and all over the world. In fact, many of the teens who come to visit us at Camp Beaumont go on to become our activity staff – they just have the best time and keep coming back!”

My small son was booked into Mania, which sounded right up his street, with lots of fun things to do to keep him busy all day, and a good way for him to meet and make some new friends too.

Each group is set up to suit certain ages, and staffed and planned to accommodate the needs of the children in those groups and there is a huge variety of activities to choose from for the kids to take part in. I was impressed at what was offered and you get the feeling that the kids are kept pretty busy and active all day, which I think is great.

Both children were excited about the day, and having filled in the comprehensive forms for them, and had a good look at their website I felt confident that Camp Beaumont was going to be a good experience for them. I think I was more nervous about dropping them off because it’s always a bit strange leaving your kids in a new place for the first time, but the staff who met us and signed the kids in were friendly calm and welcoming and were very helpful when I chatted to them about the boy’s dairy allergy and also his SPD issues. The kids? They didn’t look back, and waved me off, and went off to join their groups like it wasn’t even their first time.

How did they get on?

The tween texted me at lunchtime “I have been in a hamster ball thing, and got really dirty playing football outside, Matthew is fine, last time I saw him he was running past me with a group of other kids and he was yelling and laughing”.

When I collected them they were tired, and happy. They had had a good day, playing football, basketball, and running games, they had both done some crafting, and taken part in other activities. They were in fact, so tired, that they couldn’t tell me everything they had got up to til the next day, and both were in bed asleep by 8pm, which is unheard of in the holidays.

Both kids said they thoroughly enjoyed the day, and wanted to go back again, and had met some kids locally that they knew, and had made some new friends. They wanted to try out activities that were happening on other days too. They said they felt safe and looked after and from my point of view, the staff and organisation of the camp seemed excellent. Always reassuring, especially to someone like me who works with children and families, and has high standards.

Cost wise, it’s definitely within our budget when compared to other holiday childcare, when you look at what is offered, and I am certainly going to book them in for some days in the summer break, partly so I know I have some assured working time but also because they had such a fantastic time at the camp and enjoyed themselves so much, and are keen to go back, and I am always happy to pay for things that keep my kids busy, and safe and active during the holidays.

I would say it’s certainly worth looking into, seeing if you have a camp near you and sending your kids to try it out. I kind of wish they did camps for adults, because it sounds much more fun than a boring day at work.



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