Quick and easy grout cleaning with Rainbow Chalk

*This is a review post. We were kindly sent some items to try, but all opinions are our own*

There are jobs that need to be done around the home, that I know, I personally add to a to do list, then put off for as long as possible. Mainly because finding time to do them, and getting them done, just doesn’t seem to happen.

Things like cleaning up the grout in the bathroom. Glamorous? Not really, but the longer you put it off, the worse it gets.

So finding a quick and easy solution to brightening up the grout in our bathroom was key, and setting aside a couple of hours to get it done, a priority.
Rainbow chalk have some easy to use, budget friendly pens, that can make the job quick and efficient.

Double job time. Brightening up the bathroom grout and sealing an area off in the bath that needs attention. 

The pens are easy to use, and make the job very quick. I was pleasantly surprised at what a good job they did, as well for a very budget friendly and compact item.

Easy to use, quick and works fast. Apologies for the upside down pen, I am left handed, so the writing is the wrong way round. We keep it real life round here… 

The pen works well and brightens and whitens the grout, and you can cover a reasonable area of group quite quickly. Our bathroom tiles take up one whole large wall in our bathroom, so we would use two of these pens, but because they are priced very reasonably and work well, this isn’t a problem.

You can see in the first image some grey and splotchy areas. The second image it looks much cleaner and brighter. This is the same patch of tiles, unfortunately my camera didn’t like the light in our bathroom as it clouded over and changed the light, and I haven’t edited these much to keep it as real and honest as possible. 

So if you need to clean up the grout in your bathroom, then these pens are very handy, budget friendly and work well. I would recommend them. Their sealant pens are very easy to use too, and work well on sealing small areas around sinks and baths. These are definitely worth keeping to have for quick jobs in your DIY tool box…

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