Our week in photos 20/07/19 – 27/07/19 haircuts, cats, winding down for the holiday…

Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Our way of sharing our week and what we get up to with our family abroad and grandparents who like to keep up with our life and antics.

We are winding down for the holidays and the next Week in Photos post will be after we come back from our much needed holiday in France. We are taking a total social media break, there will be someone running some bits of our social media for us, but I am switching off for two whole weeks of family time at Les Hirondelles. Christine, who owns the will be keeping tabs on me to make sure I don’t sneak onto Facebook or Instagram. Actually I am leaving my phone at home, and logging out of everything so you won’t see me, I promise.

This week has been slow, with grandparents from South Africa visiting, and my Dad arriving tomorrow, I haven’t really taken many photos to share, but somehow have managed to put enough together for our weekly video update.

It’s been really hot here, in London, and we have struggled with sleep due to that, and the cats have not enjoyed it.

You can see what we have got up to here or click on the video link below.


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Not signing out quite yet, there will be a few more posts this week, but I hope this week has treated you kindly. Have a good weekend. 

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