Fireworks and pets – tips for keeping them calm and safe.

There are times of the year when fireworks happen. New Year’s Eve, sometimes around Christmas, Bonfire Night and around or on the 5th November, Diwali and also Eid can be times when people enjoy either fireworks in their gardens or attend firework displays as they celebrate.

I love fireworks, I will admit, and thoroughly enjoy a firework display and we have had our own mini firework displays in our gardens or with neighbours.


But I am also a pet owner and I am very aware that fireworks can be something that stresses out pets and upsets them, so for me it’s a fine line between enjoying the glory that can be a really good firework display and knowing that it really upsets our beloved pets.

So I thought I would share some tips and ideas to help keep your pets calm and safe during times when fireworks might be happening.

Plan ahead:

We all know when certain celebrations are happening, so planning ahead is really helpful. I know that Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night is happening every November so the week before I make sure that have some special medication to give our older cat who HATES fireworks and gets very very upset that helps to keep her calm. I do the same for other times of the year when I know fireworks might be happening. If you know they are coming you can make sure you pet has a safe space, is indoors and if they need to be kept calm, you can chat to your vet about what might help.

Safe spaces:

Both my cats have hiding places when they are frightened or know they need to be away from people. One can likes to hide in a cupboard behind a pile of clothes and the other retreats under beds. I always make sure that both of them have access to their safe spaces and that we check on them but don’t try to get them to come out or disturb them.

Keep them indoors:

When fireworks are going off, make sure all your pets are safely indoors. Do not leave them outside or if you are having fireworks in your garden, take them out to the fireworks. You will have stressed pets who may become even more upset. Make sure they are safely in rooms they are comfortable in and that they have a safe space if they want.

Close all windows and doors:

Less noise means less stress for your pets. Close windows, doors and try and dampen down noise exposure for them.

Keep them company if they want it:

Layla doesn’t want to be kept company when fireworks are going off, she wants to be left well alone, but your dog or cat or other pet may appreciate comfort and company to reassure them when they are worried or scared by the noises. Work out what your pet needs and plan for that if you can. If you have to be out then consider a pet sitter or asking a neighbour to check on them and keep them company.

Medication/calming tools:

Layla takes a mild sedative prescribed by our vet for stress but some cats might be happy with some cat nip treats, or you could try Feliway diffusers and spray to help keep your cats calm. If your dog gets very angry or upset around fireworks then speak to your vet about what might help them to stay calm or feel less upset. Do not use medications or herbs or treatments without speaking to your vet though.

Outdoor pets need care too:

If you have rabbits, or other pets that might live outside, make sure they are safe and not being exposed to firework noise. You may beed to plan to bring them inside the evening or get some heavy felt covering to cover their cage/hutch to dampen down noise as much as possible.

I know some people would like to see fireworks banned altogether but unfortunately not everyone agrees on that and I don’t think it’s likely to happen so the best thing to do is make sure your pets are as safe and comfortable as possible and manage their needs.

Don’t forget your pets, and make sure they are safe and calm. Like or love them, fireworks happen, and keeping our pets ok is the most important thing.

Any tips or tricks you can think of that you know help your pets at this time of the year?

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