Make pet odours disappear with Aroma Care Solutions

*This is a collaborative post and giveaway with Aroma Care Solutions sharing about a product that is super effective at eliminating pet odours in your home*

If like us, you have pets, and love your pets, you probably think they are adorable and members of your family. But sometimes, even our most beloved pets can be a little whiffy, or the spaces they sleep or toilet can be a little less than pleasant smelling.

We have found this kit from Aroma Care Solutions super handy for zapping pet whiffs, smells and stinks around our home. If I said I think it’s pawsome, you will roll your eyes at my choice of words but it really does work.

We have a cat, and whilst he’s a gorgeous boy, he sometimes leaves his mark in not so charming ways, and making sure our home smells clean and fresh is a pet owner problem I like to deal with effectively and efficiently.

Pet odours

The Pet Odour Eliminator:

  • The 100% natural way to eliminate pet odours caused by: Urine, Faeces, Vomit, Pet beds, Litter Trays, Toilet training, Muddy paws, Damp fur and is suitable for use on: in the air, Soft furnishings, Carpets, Hard floors, Pet beds, astro turf and more.
  • The Bio one™ pet odour eliminator spray permanently eliminates pet odours using naturally activating bio enzymes.
  • Chemical FREE, eco friendly and vegan registered – perfect for dogs, cats, rabbits or any pet.
  • Bio one leaves your home odour free with just the natural oils of lemon, orange and neroli flower remaining

It smells lovely, it’s not horribly fake and over powering and it works super efficiently on cat litter trays, cushions, fabrics, in the air, and it gets rid of the worst smells your pet can emit, even urine, which is impressive. I am not a fan of many odour removers but this one definitely wins a thumbs up from me.

I would highly recommend it if you have a pet or pets in your home and need to make sure that the place is filled with their love and fun and not their smells.

We think this kit is so handy and efficient that we have one to giveaway to our readers. Enter for a chance to win a full starter set RRP £18.95 to help banish odours from your precious pets at home.

All you need to do is:

Tell us if your pet is whiffy and what you need this fabulous product for?

Then click on the link below to complete your entry.

Bio One Pet Odour Eliminator

A winner will be chosen on 21/06/22 and has seven days to respond when emailed. Please see our GDPR policy for how we store and manage your data.

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  1. Hi, our little man Herb creates quit the odor. We live in an apartment and he is indoor only, the litter box can get extremely strong on hot days. We have to keep the odor to a non existence because well its an apartment and small. please consider Herb for a trial. Also my son has bad allergies so we try to mask the odor often to no avail.

  2. we have 2 dogs and our house always has the whiff of dog about it no matter how many times i wash their beds and clean the carpets

  3. I have a male dog who occasionally cocks his leg inside the house when we are out. It’s not all the time but it certainly does smell bad.

  4. Yes I have two cats who are sisters but the eldest insists on missing her litter tray nearly every time. She’s now 10 and we’ve tried everything

  5. My darling dog Willow loves to roll in fox poo when we go on our field walks, she’s always so pleased with herself like I wanted too. The car, sofa, her bed and my lap all need to be deeply cleaned. 🤦‍♀️🐾🦊

  6. having a year old cat and a nine year old cat can sometimes make the house a bit whiffy so this would be awesome.

  7. My cat, Basil is now using a litter tray after being an mainly an outdoor cat so ‘ashes of roses’ it is not!

  8. My little kitty Phoebe is starting to explore the garden now and is always coming back in with dirty little paws! This will be purrrfect for my sofa!

  9. My little kitty Phoebe is starting to explore the garden now and is always coming back in with dirty little paws! This will be purrrfect for my sofa!

  10. Would love to try this out as our cats litter tray corner is horrible even though it is floor tiles.

  11. I’ve accidentally inherited 2 cats and am trying to learn the tricks of pet ownership. They are house cats and i’ve so far been struggling with the whiff aspect so this would be great to try

  12. My cat often is sick when we have strangers in the house – it would be good to use this to help clear us the mess!

  13. Benjy was re-homed five times before he became my boy. I understand why his particular odour was too much for others. Even my family and friends who visit us turn their noses up! But, Benjy does not have a bad bone in his body. He is funny, wise and loyal _ and stinky. I would not part with him, but would love some magic potions to help reduce with his strong urine smell.

  14. Alfie is! He is quite a sicky dog, along with his tendency to roll about outside, and roll indoors when damp, it would be great for removing the whiff!

  15. I have a 9 year old labrador who likes to jump in the smelly River and a 13 week old cockerdor who still has some whiffy accidents

  16. I have two newfoundlands. One of which makes it her life’s mission to roll in anything that smells or is muddy/dirty. We call her our little potato because she is always covered in muck

  17. Our girl definitely can get a little funky and she tends to sleep on the sofa so I would use this for her bed and the sofas!

  18. It’s not so much the dog, it’s the dogs toys. He only has a few as he tends to rip toys apart and these are the only ones that have lasted. The do honk a little lol

  19. I have three cats so need something to use around the litter tray! They absolutely stink when they’ve done their business!

  20. I’ve got 3 shih tzus and when they’ve been in the rain they are definitely whiffy! Especially the month before their next groom

  21. I dearly love our little old lady – but my word she is pongy.
    She loves nothing more than to roll in hedgehog poo, fox poo, cat poo….
    And she frequently makes her own smells from her back end too!
    She carries the ‘wet dog’ smell all over the house on a rainy day
    And her whiffy breath can nearly knock you out when she jumps up to play!

  22. We have an elderly 16 year old dog who we love dearly, so this would be great to make the house smell so much better.

  23. I love our little old lady dearly but she really really does stink
    She rolls around in hedgehog, cat and fox poo
    And makes smells from her back end too,
    She carries the wet dog smell round on a rainy day
    And her breath can nearly knock you out when she jumps up to play!

  24. Not terribly whiffy but our two chihuahuas have a bed that can do with a freshen up now and then

  25. Oh wow yes please. I rescue animals and have 15 pets of my own who urinate, poo and vomit in the house regularly especially my poorly ex street cat with lots of health problems on lots of daily medication and my disabled bunny on lots of medication so it’s not their fault but it does stink xx

  26. My little shih tzu lottie is extremely grotty! When she has a bath she smells good but within one day she has licked herself over and over and wow does she stink! She seems to stink more than any other dogs we know,dont know why , she makes the house stinkwhich is something i worry aboutso this would be a godsend

  27. Our cat Cosy always manages to widdle over the edge of her tray, (she has an XL tray too), so the mat underneath always wiffs!

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