Revamping your kitchen is easier than you think…

*this is a collaborative post sharing about revamping our kitchen, that we hope is helpful*

Our house has been our home for a long time, and we have slowly updated and renovated and revamped parts of it as we have lived here, but revamping our kitchen hasn’t been a priority, so far. It can take time and money to get a home looking the way you want it to be, and sometimes certain parts of your home take priority as your needs and wants change. Our home is comfortable and we are very happy there but there are some major renovations I would do, if we could and that we are looking at in the future. One of those things would be to redo and renovate our kitchen. The kitchen itself is not a bad space, and it’s a place I like to spent time in but the cupboards and units and storage could really do with a new lease of life and being replaced. That sounds like a big job, but actually, it can be done within a budget and relatively easily with someone like Glotech Kitchens.Our kitchen is fairly light and airy, and gets a lot of natural light in through the windows, so I would like to keep it light. I would opt for a style that reflects that and makes the kitchen feel clean and spacious.

I remember my mum having our family kitchen ripped out and replaced and it seemed to take weeks, with lots of traipsing round stores that sell kitchen units, intense discussions about colour, style and size and practicality. We didn’t have access to the internet then, and there was a lot of legwork involved. I am very grateful it’s a lot easier now and to organise the process and actually replace a kitchen or the units within a kitchen doesn’t need to be as complicated and because you can research online and see more easily the choices you have, and the range of options it is much less stressful.

I particularly like a light, white or cream look, and something like this would be perfect. 

You don’t need to rip your entire kitchen out to make it look new and fresh, you can actually just replace doors and units. I didn’t know that before I started to think about what we would like to do to our kitchen but if you are looking at putting in new kitchen units you can choose and customise them to create your perfect kitchen, and it doesn’t need to break your budget or your home DIY capabilities and it is possible to install the units and fittings you want yourself, or you can have someone do this for you, depending on your needs. I think it would be a fun project for us to renovate our kitchen ourselves, and the husband is slowly coming round to that idea, and that we can choose what we want and fit them and make our kitchen look like new with less fuss than we think.

I remember thinking my mum was strange because she was determined to have the kitchen she wanted and was very fussy about the details and how it would look, now as an adult I understand, and realise that wanting a space created just how I like it is not so strange. Who knew it was possible to get excited over kitchen unit colours and styles and tiny details like door handles and sliding cupboard doors and how easy it is to bring your kitchen back to new life and make it a space that is just perfect for you.

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