Traveling for a Pet Picnic: What to Pack

One thing you can look forward to doing with your dog when time and weather permit is traveling somewhere new for a pet-friendly picnic. There are few things better than being able to enjoy the fresh air and green surroundings with your pup (perhaps with other dogs and dog owners in your company), chowing down on traditional picnic treats, and perhaps even playing a few games or doing a few rounds of frisbee.


Did you know that picnics are also quite beneficial for your pet’s well-being? Going out on such excursions allows them to take in new environments, scents, and sights, which provides them with a lot of exercise and healthy socialization. Moreover, even if you’ve got a long drive planned, planning a pet picnic doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right preparation and packing, you and your pet will be all set for an awesome picnic out of town or out of state.

On top of your picnic basket, consider packing these essential items to ensure a smooth and pleasant picnicking experience for all humans and pups involved:

1) Water and Dog Stainless Steel Bowls

Your dog will need to be properly hydrated for the duration of the picnic, both on the ride to the picnic site and outdoors where they’re likely to be more active. You’ll want to bring along sufficient water and a reliable dog stainless steel bowl to keep them hydrated and cool under the hot sun. Stainless steel bowls are a good choice for picnics since they’re durable, easy to clean, lightweight, and stable enough to reduce the odd spill.

2) Food and Treats

Suppose you’re at a beautiful picnic spot and your dog is having the time of their life either playing or exploring their surroundings. Having their favorite treats on hand can help you call them back to you when they’re particularly engrossed. Treats can also serve as a reward for good behavior, like coming back promptly or being nice to other dogs and humans.

For the picnic proper, pack your dog’s regular food as well as some tasty and healthy pet-safe treats. Through it all, you’ll want to ensure they receive the nutrition they need while still having a proper feast. It’s essential to stick to their regular diet, even when you’re on a short trip away, to avoid any digestive issues after the picnic.

3) Leash and Harness

A leash and harness set will prove indispensable when it comes to controlling and safeguarding your dog in an unfamiliar outdoor environment. Both will help you manage your pet’s movements and prevent them from running off, thus ensuring their safety in areas with open water or other animals or vehicles around.

4) Waste Bags

If you plan to have your picnic in a public park, you wouldn’t want your dog to relieve themselves in the middle of a busy walkway or in a children’s play area. Have some waste bags ready so that you can quickly clean up after your dog, avoiding any inconvenience to others and ensuring that the area remains as clean and sanitary as you found it.

5) Blanket or Mat

You should also bring a dedicated blanket or mat for your dog so that they’ll have a comfortable and familiar space to themselves, either to rest or play on. A mat or blanket will also come in handy when you’re picnicking in areas where the ground may be hard and uncomfortable. Just like you’d want proper seating while partaking of your favorite picnic foods, provide the same for your dog.  

6) Pet Toys

Don’t forget your dog’s favorite toys to keep them entertained during the picnic. Playtime with these toys ensures that your dog not only gets enough physical exercise, but enough mental stimulation for the day. Bring along their favorite ball, frisbee, or chew toy to use outdoors.

7) A Pet First Aid Kit

It would also be prudent to travel with a well-stocked pet first aid kit that includes items like bandages, antiseptics, and tweezers to handle minor injuries or remove ticks. Though you likely expect to have a laid-back time during the picnic, your dog may incur a cut or scrape or fall unexpectedly sick at any moment. Being prepared for any of these situations will make a significant difference in your enjoyment of the trip. After all, if peace of mind is what you’re after, there’s no such thing as being too prepared.

8) An Item That Will Provide Shade

Lastly, if you already expect to travel somewhere warm and sunny for your picnic, bring an umbrella, a canopy, or even a large hat. All of these will protect your pet from overheating and sunburn in open picnic areas, ultimately making the picnicking experience a more enjoyable one.


The takeaway here is that preparation is key for a pet-friendly picnic. Make a list of picnic essentials based on the items above, and pack wisely before you and your dog hit the road!

Are you also thinking about travelling with your pets? It can be done, you just need to plan.

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