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Wordless Wednesday

The weeks are going too fast. School starts in less than a month. I am loving Big Girl’s creativity, and her writing and spelling skills are growing rapidly. She will spend hours drawing, sketching, or writing stories or poems. She made individual place mats and name cards for our first dinner with Grandma and Grandpa […]


So, sleep? We are actually getting some!

Yes, you read it right. I posted on our Facebook page, last week, that we had had a breakthrough, and were cautiously optimistic that more sleep was coming our way, and it seems to be a regular thing now. Small Boy, of his own accord, like he seems to do with everything else, decided that […]


Easy chocolate mousse recipe

This is an incredibly easy, divine chocolate mousse, that needs no cream, so it’s cows milk/dairy free if you use a butter substitute. I have always been a little intimidated by the idea of making a mousse, but this one really is simple.  *Also, please note, the eggs in this recipe are barely cooked, with […]


Saturday is Sat Cap day

I actually cannot believe how fast the weeks are flying, and it is Saturday again… LSH took this photo last week, and Big Girl agreed it was suitable for Sat Cap and she will be choosing the one she thinks is the best or funniest so see if you can impress her and give it […]


Better luck second time round!

Last Friday, we went for a family day trip to a National Trust property, we had visited, previously, almost exactly two years ago, in fact. Nymans House is about an hours drive away from us. To say that the visit last time, was not a good one, would be putting it mildly and I have […]


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