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Don’t tell me to ditch the dummy!

I used to be one of those people who thought I knew it all about parenting, and that I would be a perfect parent, that is, until I had children, and then realised how utterly wrong I was, and how little I actually knew about the reality of having your own children One thing I […]


Weight loss week 1

So, I have pondered over whether I would actually blog about my weight loss attempts, other than to write about the type of eating plan I was using, and some recipes, but I have decided to jump in, and do a weekly goal setting and blog about my progress (hopefully not lack of) I figure […]


Our week in photos

Collated from Instagram, Facebook, random shots from my phone and camera. Our favourite bits of the week. Grandma and Grandpa arrived, and brought gifts, and then went off to France, they’re back this weekend. Small Boy found the karaoke function on his music player, it was cute, at first, now it means we all need […]


She’s just a cat?

This is Layla, our 14-year-old, half Persian cat. We rescued her, when she was still very tiny, as the runt of an unplanned and unwanted litter (her mother was not meant to fraternize with the local feral tomcat, Layla and her two siblings were the result) and she is my first “baby”. That sounds silly, […]


Wordless Wednesday

The weeks are going too fast. School starts in less than a month. I am loving Big Girl’s creativity, and her writing and spelling skills are growing rapidly. She will spend hours drawing, sketching, or writing stories or poems. She made individual place mats and name cards for our first dinner with Grandma and Grandpa […]


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