Anxiety is a very strange thing?

  When discussing what triggers and causes my anxiety, with my therapist, and looking at what situations stress me out, and are problematical for me, it came to me, that although I struggle with some aspects of anxiety, in certain areas of my life, when the crunch comes, or I am in a situation that […]


Creative Kids – First Violin Concert

I must apologise for the blurry photos. I have no idea how to cut or crop other people out of photos, and all my pictures had her class mates or other members of the orchestra in, and I don’t share photos of other people’s children, so the shots are not great, or very clear, but […]


Sat Cap – Monkeys in my handbag??

You mean it’s not normal to walk around with a bag full of soft toy monkeys that make random monkey type noises? That’s my protein bar hidden in there, too, in case you wondered. I can’t think of any witty captions, but I am sure someone can Sat Cap the contents of my bag… Then […]


Goodbye iPhone….

Hello non app, no data, no internet, pretty much does calls and sms’s only phone! For one whole week, I will be without my smart, does everything, pretty much runs my life “smart” phone. Meet my new friend for the week.  I have been challenged to see if I can manage without my phone for […]


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