Isn’t modern technology marvellous?

OK, so I know that e-mail has been around for years, and is used commonly, and it’s not really that exciting, any more, but it was exciting this week, for  Big Girl, when she got her first ever e-mail addressed to her, from Granddad, in warmer climbs, on the other side of the world. Being […]


Week in photos – Short and sweet!

This week in photos, is brief. I am running around more madly than usual. Big Girl received and replied to her first ever e-mail, from Granddad, on the other side of the world. I love that we can communicate, and be in touch, even though he is far away. I spent some time in her […]


Sat Cap? Bah Humbug says Jasper….

So I thought I hadn’t got a photo for SatCap today, then I found this when I was tidying up some of my files on the PC last night, and thought it was perfect. I am afraid the cats have taken over the blog again though. Sorry about that! Jasper clearly is not getting into […]


Getting rid of the Mummy Tummy!

This is not something I have blogged or even spoken about, to anyone, until recently. Don’t panic, though, I won’t be showing you photos of my Mummy Tummy, I think that would be taking being honest and open too far…. I have a Mummy Tummy, a lot of women do. The combination of weigh gain, […]


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