Dettol Hand Wash, with E45.

When I was contacted by the lovely people from Spink, and asked if I wanted to review a bottle of Dettol Hand soap, with E45, I was quite keen to accept. I don’t generally use antibacterial sprays and soaps, unless I am cleaning up after an illness, but I do make exception for in the kitchen, because […]


Becoming a Brownie, then and now…

Last night, Big Girl was enrolled in a local Brownie pack, that I volunteer at. I have been helping there, with the exception of a break when I had each of the children for nearly 8 years. She has loved coming with me, and is very excited about going to her first camp in January too […]


Our week in photos. Mummyflu!

So, having nursed the children and LSH through this really nasty flu bug, I of course succumbed this week. As Mummy’s don’t tend to get sick days (or feel they are able to take them – trying to rest with small children in tow, is that possible?) I have tried to potter on as much […]


Wordless Wednesday – Mummy Flu

We are into week 3 of the lurgy. LSH, apart from a cough, is fully recovered but unfortunately, the chief nurse succumbed and this photo just about sums it all up. I have been managing snatches of rest and am slowly starting to feel human again! P.S that cough mixture tastes vile but works brilliantly.


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