Magic Moments – A blog post by LSH

This week, I am taking a week off, and have delegated some of the blog work to the other members of the Mad House of Cats and Babies. LSH is writing the Magic Moments post this week, so I will hand over to him and let him loose…. Well it is a rare privilege indeed to […]


Easy Home made Thai green curry paste

I love Thai Green Curry,  this weekend. I make it often, actually. It is one of our favourites, and I find easy, and compatible with most meats (chicken, pork, beef, or vegetables) and if I make a milder version, the children love it, and I think we probably own the only Thai Green curry loving […]


Saturday is Caption Day!

These ducks have taken up semi permanent residence in our road, despite there being no pond or water in the vicinity and they spend a lot of time outside our house. I feel like we’re being stalked. I wonder what they’re thinking? Any ideas? Head on over to Mammasaurus for more Sat Cap  or click […]


Magic Moments – A birthday celebration

This weeks Magic Moment includes some pictures from Small Boy’s Birthday party. His birthday was almost 3 weeks ago, but we planned his party for this past weekend, because we wanted to have a picnic in the local park, which has a lovely play area, and a sandpit, with some of his friends, and we […]


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