Glue ear diagnosis.

(Image sourced from an ENT website, with permission) So, if you have been following me here, Facebook or Twitter, you will know we have had some major ongoing sleep issues with our boy. We suspected he was suffering from recurrent ear infections, with very few actual symptoms, and we have been working our way to […]


10 things about me….

I thought I would post a bit of randomness, about me, Mother Of the Mad Cats and Babies (although, they aren’t babies anymore, but I don’t want to change the name of the blog, because we might add another baby, at some point 😉 ) So, 10 things about me, little snippets or facts, that […]


Magic Moments – My old watch

My Magic Moment this week is a bit random. I was actually a bit stumped for a post, and was almost tempted to miss it, as I had nothing to share but then I had a little moment on Saturday, and thought I’d blog about it. I have an old, old watch. A Swatch Watch, […]


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