One of those days. This too shall pass…

Today has been one of those days and has been awful.

My children have been squabbling since the moment they woke up, we’ve had a serious accident involving a blueberry smoothie, my grocery delivery arrived but with missing items (I assume Tesco think that we didn’t need them, I’m going to be ringing their customer service department shortly and inviting them over to cook dinner for us, seeing as the ingredients I had planned to use failed to arrive)

I’ve bawled down the phone to the long-suffering husband and tried not to feel resentful that he gets a peaceful commute, a quiet office full of humans that don’t need their every need catered to, eats lunch in a canteen without being forced to share it or let it go cold whilst he deals with someone’s nappy or meltdown. 

I’ve sent a stroppy mail to someone, then regretted it, the younger of the mentally deficient and definitely socially challenged cats decided to be sick in our bathroom, and now I have to go and round up my two little darlings, put something other than my tracksuit pants and a torn shirt on, make a picnic, and then head out of the door to help feed the school chickens, because I’m in the perfect mood to be chasing feathered fowl and cleaning up their poo, and stop Small Boy from force-feeding them daisies, then a picnic with some of the other parents who seem to be far more together than me…

The husband  is home at 6pm, I’m planning on putting the children to bed, having a hot bath, a cold glass of wine, eating dinner (if I can figure out what to make) and going to bed, hopefully tomorrow will be better)

It’s been one of those days. This too shall pass, they say, whoever they were…

one of those days

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