10 things about me….

I thought I would post a bit of randomness, about me, Mother Of the Mad Cats and Babies (although, they aren’t babies anymore, but I don’t want to change the name of the blog, because we might add another baby, at some point 😉 )

So, 10 things about me, little snippets or facts, that I can share with you, to give you a bit of an idea of who I am..

  • I was born in Africa, Malawi, to be exact. My parents were living there, my father was working out there. Sadly, I have no memories from our time there, but one day, I would like to go back and visit.
  • I am left-handed, but the only things I actually do with my left hand are crack eggs, cast on to knit, and write. Everything else I can do with my right hand, so although I am not ambidextrous, I am probably not a true “leftie” either. I can actually write quite well with my right hand, too. Sadly, I was at school when being left-handed was still stigmatised, and my first school did not look kindly on my attempts to write with my left hand, I soon learned to adapt and write with both hands, so I was comfortable, but under their radar. Thankfully, times have changed!
  • I LOVE Queen, all of their music, and cried for days, after Freddie died. I have all of their albums, bar a couple of their earlier ones that I cannot get hold of (if anyone wants to buy me them, feel free) and I was lucky enough to see them live. I watch all programmes about them, and “I Want to Break Free” is my ringtone on every phone I have ever owned, and my children know the words to a lot of their songs! When I was in emergency surgery, after Big Girl was born, the very kind anaesthetist found a Queen album for me, and played it, and lent me his headphones, to listen to, while I was being operated on (I was awake, but numbed to the neck)  and given a blood transfusion and we chatted about Queen and George Michael. I don’t remember a lot of the details of  Big Girls birth, and the aftermath, but I do remember laughing and chatting about songs and music in the operating theatre!
  • I am actually quite badly allergic to cats, but because I love cats, I deal with it, and can tolerate Layla and Jasper, but if I go to a home where there is a cat, I sneeze and wheeze and sniffle like I have a dreadful cold!
  • I have a toilet phobia, I loathe public toilets, and will avoid them at all costs. This is trickier with children, specially when they’re small and need the toilet a lot, or are potty training. I am blessed with what LSH calls, rather romantically, “camel bladder”, a habit, from my nursing days, and can go for hours without needing a visit to the loo, which helps! Public toilets are generally disgusting, I spend my time freaking out about all the germs….
  • I went to boarding school and LOVED it. It isn’t always the best choice for every child, but I really benefitted from the order, routine and community of the school I went to, and I have many fond memories and good friends from my time there.
  • I can draw, actually quite well, but I have low self-esteem where my artwork is concerned, and even though I have a whole trunk of my work, I have never shown it to anyone. I would love to spend more time on drawing and sketching, but sadly, never get the chance.
  • I am becoming more ginger and red-headed as I grow older, and am learning to embrace my freckles and ginger locks, and accept that my hair doesn’t take to being coloured and messed around with and I embrace my non sun tanned state!
  • Speaking of hair, I have shaved my whole head, once, found it very therapeutic, one day, I might do it again, just for fun….
  • When I first qualified as a paediatric nurse, I worked at Great Ormond Street hospital. I have seen Siamese twins separated, when I worked in the operating theatres, and my favourite surgical procedure’s were kidney transplants, because frankly, when you see urine being produced from a kidney that has been transplanted, in a patient that has been on dialysis for months, if not years,  it is the most exciting, and satisfying experience. I have worked with some world-famous surgeons, and still miss those days.

So there you have it…. and a photo of me, rare, because I don’t like photos of myself…


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  1. Totally get the toilet thing! My husband is always amazed I’ve never used a plane toilet, despite flying trans atlantic a number of times (though I might have to bite the bullet if we ever went to Australia!)

    • I LOATHE plane toilets, I don’t blame you. I do make myself use them, if on long flights, but only if I really have to!

  2. What a lovely photo! You don’t look very red-headed in that one though – Photoshop? 😛 I used to be an avid reader of Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers books and desperately wanted to go to boarding school. Sadly, my parents said no.

    • We all went, because my parents were abroad and some of the schooling where we were, was not the best. It was fun, I read all the Mallory Towers books. It was a bit like that, except my brother and I went to a mixed school! 🙂 My hair looks redder in some pics, and not in others, depends on the light! 😉

  3. I’m left handed too and like you do most things right handed,mainly through being taught by right handed people.
    The operating theatre was fascinating to learn about,I would be in the floor tho!

  4. What a great post, thank you so much for all that information about you, feels like I know you better now. Completely understand your obsession with Queen and also agree about public toilets – being a driving instructor I have to regularly find good ones on the road and the ones in the garages are DISGUSTING! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo xx

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