Wriggly Rascals

Wriggly Rascals

I was very excited to be invited to be a guest blogger at Wriggly Rascals, which is a fantastic site, created by Shona Motherwell.

I must admit, I am usually a bit leery of parenting websites, and try and avoid them, as sometimes they can be places where a lot of judgment and criticism of other people’s parenting choices takes place. There are some great ones out there, but some of them can be pretty scary, especially if you are a new mum, or are feeling vulnerable and have parenting questions you want to answer but don’t feel confident to share.

I really like Wriggly Rascals, because it is a practical, and sensible site, with so many areas of help and advice and the beauty is, its parents answering the questions and giving advice, so we are all sharing and supporting, and helping each other. There are surveys you can complete, blog posts you can read, and you can submit a question on virtually any topic from getting pregnant, to birth, feeding your baby, child development, the list is pretty long. You also get access to special offers and vouchers, as well.

“We’re creating a unique knowledge bank for mums-to-be and mums about pregnancy, babies and toddler. Our community answer quick surveys to get answers to questions you may have about YOUR pregnancy, baby or toddler. To get some advice from thousands of our members, just send us your question and we’ll set up a few survey questions so you can find out what thousands of other women did and recommend you do. Read all about why I came up with the idea and what I hope you’ll get from joining up. Shona x”

This month, Wriggly Rascals has a special offer. If you sign up, you get all the benefits of subscribing. But right now, if you join, you get 3 months free. This offer ends at the end of September, so it’s a good one to grab, and I can say, that I would recommend it.

You can join up here or mail me, and I can send you the details, or you can click on the link at the top of my blog. I have really enjoyed completing surveys, sharing advice with other parents, and learning some new things, too. It’s definitely worth it, and a really good deal.

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(I was not paid to write this blog post, all opinions are my own, and I have used the quote with permission from the site owner. I do write blog posts for Wriggly Rascals, and receive affiliate rewards)


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