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Does Your Children’s Art Decorate Your Walls?

Millions of families around the world decorate the walls of their homes with art, photography and family pictures. When you look at your walls, are they covered in extravagant pieces of art that catch a person’s eye? Do you feel a connection with the pieces that adorn your walls? If you’d like to put up something that can make you grin every time you look at it, consider hanging the work of an artist that’s already living under your roof. Artwork created for you by your child can have more of an effect on you than you may realize. Why is hanging these forms of expression important for your household?

Pride: A child loves to please his parents. Telling your little artist that the picture is wonderful can instill both pride and accomplishment in your child. However, hanging the artwork takes the experience to a whole new level. Since the walls are usually covered in professional pieces, your child can gain inspiration from knowing that you value his creation as much as any piece of commercial art. Pick a beautiful frame for further preservation and to add to the sense of professionalism.

Inspiring Visitors: When your home is decorated in your child’s artwork, your guests can see just how much you value your children. Let’s face it; your three year old may not be a budding Picasso. However, who’s to say that Picasso surpasses your child in skill? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and happy works of water colors, crayons and chalk can inspire good feelings in the people that enter your home.

Progression of Time: If your wall is large enough, you can arrange the pictures that have been created for you in a way that denotes the passage of time. With each image, you should be able to see how expression and detail become more and more important to your child. After a while, you’ll be able to stand back in awe and see the progression of your little one’s talents and experiences, from the very first drawing to the developments of the present. This concrete evidence of the passage of time may evoke certain nostalgia for days past, but it can also instill a feeling of pride in you that is unparalleled.

Encouragement: In any task your child wishes to pursue, you should always offer positivity and encouragement. Perhaps by hanging up your favorite pieces of art you can inspire your little one to explore graphic design as they grow older. While some may argue that art is a talent and not a learned behavior, you never really know what will become of your child’s future without that positive reinforcement. Allow your child to define his or her own personality and skills and offer encouragement along the way.

There may come a point when you have to put your foot down to prevent every square inch of your walls from being covered by toddler art. Let your little one help you decide which pieces need to come down so that they can be replaced by new ones. This will help you spare any hurt feelings and show continued appreciation for his work.

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