Friday’s Rant from the Soap Box in MY Living!


This week, it’s short and simple.

Dear government, to whom we pay a ridiculous amount of tax, which as far as I can work a fair bit of is wasted.


Just because there is a percentage of the population who do need help parenting and children out there who do need input and support, does not mean that all of us are moronic, and that we don’t know what is best for our OWN families. My children are not little robots, for you to design, and control. YOU do not know what is best for my family, and for many families, I would say, and you need to stop telling us all what to do, what to feed our kids, what they should be doing at school, how long they should be at school, I could go on…. In fact, generally, butt out of my parenting. When I did ask for help, I got precious little, so frankly, I am not sure what my tax money goes on or why I bothered.

Irate parent, of two children, who are healthy, pretty normal, and we are managing fine. Thanks!

Now I have got that off my chest, I am off to read some more rants at Mummy Barrow’s Ranty Friday. Why don’t you come and join in….?


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  1. What a fabulous rant! My daughters worked out from a very young age that schools were simply exam factories and couldn’t wait to leave & go to uni so they could think for themselves! Not everyone needs to be spoon-fed parenting skills – some of us are quite capable!

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