Friday’s Rants from The Soap Box in MY Living Room!

I have an issue with people who take their laptops or tablet devices, and paperwork, and set them selves up, in local cafes, and sit there all day, taking up table space, and seats, while they work, make calls, have meetings, and even take part in conference calls.

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I don’t have a problem with someone taking some time out, to sit in a cafe and work for a bit, have a coffee, have a change of scene, meet a colleague or a business contact. I have done all of the above myself.
I do object to trying to find a seat for myself and a friend, in any local place, in the middle of the day, and failing, because literally, almost every seat, table and space is taken up by people using the place as an office. Twice this week, I have had to ask to share a table (which didn’t go down well, with the other person who had their papers all over one table, was using two plug sockets, and then proceeded to have a loud Skype chat, and the whole hour he was there, he drank one coffee, which he had already bought, having arrived long before I did, I assume)

This makes me grumpy, it makes me cross. I don’t mind sharing space, but cafes are for the public, not exclusive office space. It’s not my right to swamp a cafe with my noisy children (that also gets my goat, don’t worry, I try my hardest not to inflict my kids on others, even in Starbucks) so I don’t think people should be able to hog tables and make them their semi permanent office space and sit for hours. Like I said, I don’t think it’s a problem for an hour, or whatever, but the lady who served me, last week, in Starbucks said she often has people come in, they buy one coffee then sit all morning, using the WiFi and tables. Go to an internet cafe. Go to the library. Get WiFi at home. Go back to your office!

Angry coffee drinker, here, who had to sit outside, in the cold, because there were no seats in her favourite cafe this week…. GRRRR!! (I know, truly a first world problem, feel free point that out!)

So, do you agree or do you think you have the right to take up space in public cafes?

When you have had your say, mosey on over to MummyBarrow and see what she has to say this week, then have a good weekend, and if you do happen to want to take your laptop and work, I’ll be in Starbucks this weekend! πŸ˜‰


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  1. It’s exactly the same here in Bangkok . They even have a novel twist to it here. Students leave books on tables to reserve the space and then wander off shopping or chatting to others outside the shop. Very dam annoying.

  2. I’ve got a few more weeks left of my childminding career. If you give me the location, I will bring MY work to the Starbucks and see how THEY like it. RAARHH!

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