Friday’s Rant from the Soap Box in MY Living Room – I’m in the loo!


 Welcome to my Friday’s Rants from the Soap Box in my Living Room. A small space in the week where I can have a chunter about things that have made me twitch with annoyance or made me question if the world has gone mad or not….

I also  linked up with MummyBarrow for her Ranty Friday. You can find her blog and link up here if you’d like to join in. A good rant can be therapeutic.

So, I am not really in the loo, but when you go to a public toilet, it is clear someone has already taken up occupancy, and the sign on the door, or lock of said toilet, says “engaged” or “busy” or “occupied” or whatever, usually in red, what do you do? Do you wait, patiently, possibly doing a spot of mini Irish dancing if you bladder is telling you it needs emptying fairly soon, or do you bang on the door, try and turn the handle, or rattle the door?

Toilet lock!

What is it with public toilets and people thinking it’s OK to do this? If a toilet cubicle or room is clearly full and occupied, it’s just rude to rattle the door, or try and see if someone is actually behind it. It’s most disconcerting when you are doing what needs to be done, you have me already on edge with someone rattling on the door, I hate public toilets anyway, so I am usually feeling stressed out, add small children touching everything in sight, unrolling the loo roll and asking pointed questions – “why don’t you have a penis like Daddy does Mummy?” was one I got asked recently, loudly, in the cubicles in John Lewis (and yes, my children know the proper terms for body parts, before you ask,) and this means I am usually sucking at least two rescue remedies by the time I leave the toilet – after I have washed my hands, of course.

It seems to happen a lot, and it’s annoying, and people need to stop it. I have decided that the next time it happens, I am going to say loudly “I am slightly constipated, so will be a few minutes, once I have finished this level of Candy Crush, I think I will be done, sorry for the delay” or something, and take just that few minutes longer. It’s just rude. I realise other people also need to go to the loo, but I am pretty sure most people in public toilets aren’t in the cubicles for pleasure or fun (this is a family blog, let’s not go there, thanks) so rattling on the door while someone is trying to do their business is just not acceptable.

That’s my chunter for today. Pop along to MummyBarrow, she has a jolly good rant about how PR and other companies approach bloggers today, on her blog.


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