A few holiday essentials & must haves in my bag…

I am not a HUGE user of facial products and skin care stuff. I prefer to have a small selection of firm favourites that work, and are useful, than pots and pots of stuff I use rarely. Anyone who knows me from my teenage school years will laugh, because back then, I was infamous for having a lotion or potion for everything and supplies of all kinds of make up and cosmetics. Now, I am a bit simpler about my routine and what I use.

When I go away, or travel (which is rarer now, we have had the children, in fact this is our first proper holiday in a long time) I like to travel light, taking a few items that are multi purpose and easy to use.

One item that I find useful for both adults and children, that has worked really well, after being recommended to me, is a good high SPF sun block. I am very fussy about what we put on our skin, having struggled in the past with itchy, nasty reactions to sun lotions, even those that claim to be ‘hypoallergenic” and suitable for sensitive skins. This One a Day Sun Protection P20 (we used Factor 30 for this trip) by Rieman is fantastic. Non greasy, sprays on easily, is water resistant (although I do make sure we reapply it after swimming sessions) and it doesn’t induce rashes or itches, even in Big Girl’s sensitive, eczema prone skin.


Another useful item I like is an all in one shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel for the children, in a portable bottle. This Earth Friendly Baby Calming shampoo and body wash has come in very handy, useful for hair washes, and showering. It smells nice and is very gentle on skin.


I wear glasses and contact lenses, but hate all the faff of cleaning, storing and carting lens paraphernalia about, so when I started wearing these monthly lenses, which can be worn for up tp 3 weeks without having to remove or clean them, and can be worn overnight, I seriously thought they were the best thing since sliced bread (and still do). They aren’t right for all contact lens wearers, but if you are able to wear them, they are perfect for holidays and trips as well as for everyday use.


Bites and stings from insects is always something you need to think about when going away. I have struggled with mosquito bites, even where we live in London, so this little instrument, which seem a bit strange, is very handy. It delivers a small electric charge to skin, when applied to the bite area and neutralises the bite for up to 3 hours. It doesn’t really hurt, and brings almost instant relief. The kids were a bit squeamish about it, when I first suggested they use it on their itchy bites, but now get great joy in “zapping” themselves with it. I will not travel to a place where insect bites are likely, without it now. I have one in my handbag, always, actually! 🙂


A few other things I packed for this time away, mainly for myself, are Weleda Wild Rose facial oil and smoothing lotion (you can read my review of these, here) and a refreshing deodorant/body spray, handy for in a bag, when out and about, smells nice, but not overpowering for freshening up, and some SoapSmith products. I am trying out their Lavender Hill range, which smells divine and comes in handy sizes suitable for travel. The body butter is very good for smoothing on sun burned or dry skin, and a little goes a long way. I also like Neal’s Yard’s Geranium Hand cream and Frankinsense lip & eye cream, both are easy to pack, and carry.


One last thing I always remember to pack is a few spare hair ties. I hate using elastic bands and scrunchies are waaaay too ’80’s for me, but I loathe having my hair down when it is hot, or when I am out and about so these really soft but very stretchy hair bands, with no metal bits to snag and pull are perfect. I usually have at least one on my person, or in a bag, and buy them in packs of 30 because I am always lending them out and occasionally loosing them.


So, there you have it, a few handy things I like to travel with, or keep in my bag. Do you have any travel essentials you recommend?


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