Easy family friendly smoothie recipe…

 MamaMummyMum shares a easy family-friendly smoothie recipe, We are big fans of smoothies which are so easy to make and you can pretty much throw any fruit or veg into them and they work well for breakfast or snacks. I find sneaking in fruit and veg my kids won’t normally eat works well too. Smoothies are great for adding vitamins and nutrients to even the fussiest kid’s diet.

I’m always trying to get my kids to drink more, especially in the Summer months when it is hot but this can prove difficult sometimes, even I have to admit a cup of water isn’t the most appealing is it.

I have found that my girls can be enticed with a good smoothie.

This is great because not only are they keeping hydrated but I’m also sneakily making sure they’re getting part of their 5 a day.

I have experimented with lots of fruit combinations in recent months and one of mine and the kids favourites has to be the Stawberry and Apple juicy smoothie….

Easy family friendly smoothie recipe


* 500ml Apple Juice

* 6 Large Strawberries

* 1 Small Banana

* Handful of Ice Cubes

* Fresh Mint Sprigs for Serving


* Simply place all of these ingredients into a blender and blend for around 1 minute.

* I like to add a sprig of mint but you can drink the smoothie without it.

Easy family friendly smoothie recipe

This recipe serves 4-6 depending on how bigger the glass you use.

This easy family-friendly smoothie recipe is helpful on busy mornings, for busy mums. What would you put in yours? I also add collagen to mine, as part of my health and vitamin regime.

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