Sharing a bed with your pet….

We all know how tough it can be to get a decent night’s sleep. What with the stresses of work, money worries and running a household, it can be hard to find the time and the peace of mind to achieve adequate rest.

And as many of us share our homes with a furry friend, what are the consequences of allowing your pet to share your bed with you? The answers prove somewhat illuminating! 



Recent studies by the American Pet Products Association found that nearly half of all dogs sleep in their masters’ beds, whereas 62% of all cats like to snooze alongside their owners.

 Whilst this might be something of a cute thought, there are proven health implications of this. Most notably, there is a greater chance of irritating any allergic sensitivities that you may have.

 Ways around this include getting an air purifier to remove airborne particles and allergens. And then giving your bedding a fairly constant pet hair removal session is always a good idea too!

Creature comfort


 However, it’s not all bad. Many pet owners will testify to the fact that they feel comforted by the presence of their pet in the night.

 There can be something reassuring, or at least mildly hypnotising, about hearing the softly snoring sounds of your cat or your dog next to you.

 This is especially the case where our bedrooms are changing from being mere sleeping spaces to being social areas where you can watch TV in bed. And so it will sometimes seem almost rude to banish your furry friend from your place of relaxation!

Broken sleep


 But like most things, there should always be a degree of moderation. Allowing your pet to dominate your bed can have a negative impact on a variety of areas from your sleeping patterns to even your sex life!

 In 2014 the Associated Professional Sleep Societies announced its findings that 30% of all pet owners who slept with their pets woke at least once during the night due to their animal’s activities.

 And a further 63% reported having poor quality sleep as a result of having a pet in bed with them. Interestingly, the type of pet did not seem to affect this figure with both cats and dogs having an equal amount of influence over their owner’s sleep patterns.

 So if you find that you’re not getting sufficient rest, it may be time to banish your pet from your bedroom. And then of course, find another excuse for not getting enough sleep!

Author credit – Tammy Swanson


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  1. Decent sleep has always eluded me so I can’t blame Stella. In fairness I think I wriggle about more than she does, plus she’s way less messy than a bloke and way cuter than an extra blanket!

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