Fastest Hour…. Meningitis

This is something a little different from my usual posts here on the blog, but it is a topic I feel passionate about, having worked as a nurse. I have actually seen a child die from meningitis, and also cared for children recovering from it. It can strike anyone, young or old, although there are groups of people who are more at risk.


Meningitis, the very word is frightening, and most people have heard of it, or have a vague idea that it can be very serious, but even with a lot of awareness being raised, people don’t always know what to look for and what to do, if they suspect someone they know, or themselves have it. The faster you act, the more help a person who has meningitis can get. Meningitis can kill, or cause serious life long complications and knowing the basic signs and symptoms and what to do, could mean you save someone’s life, or your own. Even if it turns out not to be meningitis, it’s not worth risking not getting help, to make sure. Getting fast, medical treatment is essential, in the first hours meningitis strikes. 

This video is pretty hard hitting, and gives you an idea of how fast meningitis can actually strike and how quickly it can make you incredibly unwell. The video does contain medical scenes which are based on true stories,  but it also gets the message across about what meningitis can do and how serious it is. The video is being shown on TV and in cinemas nationally, to raise awareness of meningitis and get the message out on what to do and what the symptoms are. 

Please watch the video below, and also check out the signs and symptoms of meningitis and what to do. If you suspect you or someone you know may have contracted the illness, don’t delay, seek help immediately, the faster you act, the faster help can be given, it might just save your life, or someone else’s. 

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  1. Thanks for this post – I just called 111 as had some concerns about my toddler so decided to twittersearch meningitis & found your post. Thankfully he seems to have started improving but it’s so important to be vigilant & this video really highlights this so thanks for the info!

    • Glad the info was helpful. Hope your boy is on the mend, and I am glad it doesn’t seem serious. It’s hard when they are little.

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