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Being a parent, and working with your children, to help them with their school work and encourage their strengths and help them work on areas where they struggle, is something I have found challenging.

School work has changed quite a lot since I was actually at school myself, and although the basics are still the same, I do admit to feeling a bit intimated and overwhelmed sometimes when I look at Big Girl’s homework, now she is in Year 3 at school. I want to be able to help and support her, as much as I can, whilst also fostering her sense of independence, and desire  to learn. The internet is quite a handy place to help our children, but can be a bit tricky to navigate. What sites work best, provide fun learning that is tied into the National Curriculum and is appropriate for their Key Stage and that they will enjoy?

Ooberkids Republic is a fantastic website, that we have found does all those things. It’s a child (and adult, that’s pretty important) friendly site, that not only encourages fun learning, but allows parents and teachers to keep track of what a child has been doing, and allows them to see their progress. 


What is OoberKidsRepublic?

A safe, fun and interactive way to learn Key Stage 2 Maths, English and Science.

When your child becomes a citizen of OoberKidsRepublic, they enter a safe, fun and educational, online world full of engaging characters like Mino the Hedgehog and Oscar the Owl.

As they journey around this colourful and stimulating environment, stopping off at places like the Magic Maths Shop or the Secret Code Club, we provide entertaining Maths, English and Science tutoring for primary school children aged 7-11 (KS2). It’s a place where children can carry out additional, home learning to boost their knowledge and skills in core subject areas while enjoying it at the same time!

It’s not all work at OoberKidsRepublic! We also provide healthy, budget-friendly recipes at The Bakery, jokes and yoga sessions from a qualified teacher at The Fun Shop and much more.

Parents and teachers can keep track of their child’s achievements and swap tips and news with like-minded teachers and parents.

Who is OoberKidsRepublic for?

OoberKidsRepublic is for primary school children aged 7-11, studying Key Stage 2 Maths, English and Science in England and Wales. It’s also a place for our Oober Parents who are passionate about balancing their child’s education and play.

What will my child learn at OoberKidsRepublic?

Apart from our core educational offerings: Key Stage 2 English, Maths and Science via our online materials, presented as multiple-choice mini-tests, we also provide a spelling improvement programme called ‘Spelling Buzz’. There are also history tips in the ‘Fancy Dress’ shop and surveys to get your children used to express their views.

Backed by ‘top tips’ to consolidate the lesson your child is being tested on, each English, Maths and Science mini-test features three levels of proficiency (starter, intermediate and advanced) and interaction to engage and amuse your child, while guiding them from the basics to the more complex aspects of each topic.

The site is well designed, easy to navigate, and has some excellent packages to offer, for each part of KeyStage 2. You can choose individual subjects, or whole packages. Big Girl is thoroughly enjoying the Key Stage 2, Year 3 English, Maths and Science set, and likes to login, and work her way through a little bit of any of the subjects, with minimal help from me. It’s a very colourful and engaging site. She works through a lesson, based at her current level, then takes a mini quiz, multiple choice style, at the end. I can check how she is doing and help her if she needs, but actually this site is really good at encouraging that independent learning that is part of being in the junior years at school. You can set the levels your child is working at, so they are challenged and but also able to work on areas that need strengthening or a bit more input. She likes the Maths and English areas, I like the Science playground and because the subjects are set around what children are being taught in schools you don’t have to worry that they are learning things that might clash with the curriculum and confuse them, or make more work for their teachers trying to “unteach them”. 

There is also an area for parents, where we can chat, about how are kids are doing, or about the topics being covered. 

If you are looking for a site that will help add to the learning your child is already achieving, this site is idea. You could use it whilst on holiday (yes, my children like doing school work, on holiday, they don’t get that from me, must be from their Dad) or during the summer holidays to keep them in touch with what they have learned. It’s also just a great site to let them have fun, whilst learning, when they want to play on the computer, but you don’t want them just playing games or watching movies. 

OoberKids Republic gets a big thumbs up from us at the Mad House of Cats & Babies. Learning is fun! 

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