Friday’s Rant: it’s not your news, stop sharing it first!



Stop sharing news that isn’t yours to share on Facebook! 

If your cousin has had a baby, it’s not your job to share the news to all and sundry on your Facebook, or theirs, until they’ve announced it themselves. The birth of a baby is amazing news but you don’t get to steal someone else’s thunder. I don’t care how happy you are, or how excited,  the baby’s grandparents shouldn’t find out via your Facebook, because they live in a different time zone and haven’t been called yet…

This applies to pregnancy announcements, engagements, new jobs….

The same goes for bad news. Death in the family? Friend lost a loved one? Tragic, heartbreaking and awful for everyone… BUT you don’t post on the walls of people’s pages or on your own until you know it’s ok, and that the close friends and family know. It’s not your job to be the town crier…

This week I’ve seen a birth announced by well meaning friends before the parents had chosen to share the news, the tragic death of a school friend, before his sister and family in Australia had been told and the wedding plans of another friend shared, before anyone directly involved felt ready to share on social media. I’ve also seen photos of weddings, shared, before the bridal party have even shared their own gorgeous pictures. People need to stop & think. Check what is being shared, get permission, or better still, just don’t. It’s not your news…

Normal service can continue now, this Friday Rant was brought to whilst consuming far too much coffee, have a good weekend! 

                         Ranty Friday

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  1. This. This a million times. There was a hideous case, I cant remember the details but a family foudn out their son had been killed when his school posted it on their FB page. Just horrendous.

  2. How sad that folks will be so disrespectful! I definitely think people’s permission should be sought before sharing anything of them; so publiclly too.

    Glad you got it off your chest; a very good one for all of us to keep in mind. #PoCoLo

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