I don’t want to see your feet, put them away

Dear people. The sun has come out. So have your feet. But do we really want to see them?


Welcome to my Friday’s Rants from the Soap Box in my Living Room. My little space in the week, where I get things off my chest, and have a jolly good chunter.

(I would like to say that this is a tongue in cheek post. I am not body shaming, or really wanting people to not expose their feet, I have a foot phobia and probably need therapy, but thought I would have a rant instead, as therapy costs money! 🙂 Please don’t take me too seriously!)

Yay, the sun has come out (sort of, kind of, well at least in spots the weather is now warmer than it has been in  while!) and of course, with sunshine comes summer clothes and foot wear. We all sigh with relief and whip off the layers of winter woollies and wellies that we have been clad in for what feels like forever…

That’s great, and I am so happy to be able to send my children to school in their summer uniforms and put the coats and hats away for the summer (hopefully!) but I have a teeny little problem…

With warmer weather come summer shoes and sandals and people have their feet out. I HATE feet. I think I have a feet phobia. I don’t like touching anyone’s feet, I can’t bear my own being touched, I don’t like my own feet, and I get seriously squicked out at the sight of others and let’s face it, there are some not so pretty sets of feet out there.

When I am on the bus, and the lady next to me, after a heavy morning’s shopping, slips off her shoes, and airs her toes, and I can see them, I want to run screaming. When people are sitting in the grass eating their lunches, seeking respite from their busy work day, and feel the need to get the sun on their toes, I want to pass round thick pairs of wooly socks. When people with unsightly nail issues parade around in their flip-flops, it seriously puts me off my coffee…

Why? Why do people need to expose their feet? Why do I need to see horny toe nails, dry skin and flakey toes? Bare feet are for beaches, bathtime, or by the pool, not whilst I am eating my lunch, enjoying the sunshine in my local park…

Please people. Put your feet away, I can’t handle it… (or at least some of you get a pedicure, then keep your feet well away from me!!)  FEET ARE UGLY! (except baby feet, I will admit that baby feet are cute, I can cope with those!)

That was my tongue in cheek Friday Rant (I know I can’t ban feet, I admit my own are horrible and I try to keep them away from public sight as much as possible!)


Have a great weekend!


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  1. A rare thing you and I disagree on here, because I really LOVE feet! I think the vulnerability of exposed toes and bare soles is wholly endearing. Even gnarly ones are nice. Feet have ‘character’, they aren’t ugly!

    I suppose i couldn’t be a reflexologist if i thought otherwise 😉

  2. AGGGGHHHHHHH I cant stand it. I stood behind a woman in the bank the other in sling back high heels with THE worst cracked heels I have ever seen. I have cracked heels, I wear shoes ALL the time and NEVER wear sling backs. I don;t want to see that. Or old men’s yellow toe nails in sandals.

    oh god you’ve set me off on my own rant now

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