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I don’t talk a lot about politics here, unless it’s relevant to parenting or a rant, but today, I’m keeping my Friday Rant simple with some questions I’d like answers to. It’s political… 

So, we had an election last week. We all know that. In the aftermath, our Prime minister not only appointed the ghastly Michael Gove as minister for justice (the man who thinks we should bring back hanging!) but apparently his mandate is to extract the UK from ties to the Human Rights act, so we can apparently create our own rules…

It’s my understanding that this act, this treaty, created after WW2 is something our government thinks we shouldn’t be a part of. 


Is no one concerned at what seems to be an attempt to thoroughly isolate ourselves and create our own rules with no one to hold ourselves accountable to? 

Isn’t anyone in the lease bit terrified that Michael Gove, who frankly, I think is a horrifying and scary man, is in charge of all of this? 

How is this good for the UK? I can’t see it. I know the Human Rights Act isn’t perfect or foolproof, but do we really think we can and should go it alone? 

I’d love some answers and opinions from anyone who wants to share? I’m pretty bewildered and worried frankly. I hope we don’t go through with this…

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  1. I’d love to fully understand politics I don’t understand at all how they can extract UK from the human rights act but it sounds quite terrifying.
    Surely nobody would actually allow this happen, I hope

  2. I am in the US but have a lot of bloggy friends from the UK, and the majority of them were quite unhappy with the election results.
    Controversial policies are always scary! Please feel free to rant anytime, I’m interested to see the comments on this post!

  3. I am particularly concerned that they are abolishing the Human Rights Act – I’m not sure that was ever debated or highlighted in their campaign but if people knew I’m not sure they would have voted for it? The Human Rights Act is there to protect the most vulnerable in society and it mean that all human beings are (supposedly) equal – it’s so that atrocities like Auschwitz never happen again, right? Every civilised society should adhere to the Human Rights Act. And for a nation, such as ours, who played a crucial role in things like abolishing slavery to withdraw from it seems quite archaic! I dread to think of the consequences of this!

    • Me too! I worry that we will be allowing dreadful things that happened in history to happen again! Thanks for commenting!

  4. The withdrawal from the Humans Rights Act was in the manifesto and the Daily Mail and their ilk have been running white noise against it for a while. Frankly I find the whole idea that the government decides what rights you have and when they can get set aside appalling.

    We also have an EU referendum to look forward too. No doubt as they gear up for that one they’ll be keeping quiet about the amount of foreign investment and jobs we get purely because the UK is seen as a gateway to the single market. And the fact that the arrangement they’re proposing we move to is the same as Norway – we don’t pay EU subs (a saving), but we still have to enact EU laws (but have no say in how they’re drafted). The stupid … it burns …

    I have also been ranting about the general election on my blog!

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