Nice feet for summer?

It’s no secret, I don’t really like feet, especially my own. I think my feet are not that pretty, and they do get neglected in the winter. Now the warmer weather is here (it really is summer, the sun is slowly starting to be more evident, honestly) it’s time to ditch my winter shoes and socks, give my feet some tlc and get nicer, summer shoes out. Don’t panic, there won’t be any pictures of my feet in this post!

I think most people neglect their feet in winter, and the skin can get dry. Hidden in socks and boots, it’s easy to ignore them but when you pull the sandals out, you realise you need to do some foot maintentance to make your toes less scary and also feel nicer. 

Because of my knee injury, I tend to wear rather hardwearing, comfortable sports type training shoes, to give me maxiumum support, for all the running around I do, in my day job, working with children. My feet, tend to get a little, ahem, sweaty, and in the summer, that’s not so nice. There are ways to refresh your shoes, but most of them are not very effective and time consuming (I haven’t got time to be stuffing my trainers with baking soda and newspapers) so I have found that this little spray helps A LOT. It’s good stuff for slightly smelly trainers, and summer shoes when your feet get a little hot and sweaty. I must confess to attacking my small son’s rather whiffy school shoes with it, too, and also LSH’s cycling shoes to freshen them up. It really does help deodorise shoes and make them smell much nicer.


Over the winter, feet can get a bit dry, and sore. Mine certainly do. When I am not working, I prefer to wear sandals or flip flops, in the warmer weather, and I don’t want to show off my dry feet but I don’t have too much time to go and have a fancy foot treamtnet or pedicure to get them looking ready to face the world. This lovely cream works instantly to help ease the dry areas and improve the look and condition of my feet. It absorbs really well, and makes the skin feel really soft and much less dry, almost straight away.

fc_dry_skin_instant_r_cream_bigSo, my feet are ready for summer, now we just have to hope the warm weather and sunshine does what it should so I can enjoy wearing summer shoes with nice feet.

*This is a collaborative post*


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